Battle the Oceans Wrath

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    Dont buy keys. They have nothing interesting at all.

    Swiftstones, small amounts of ammo...
  2. America

    America Someday Author

    Well event kind of blows. You shoot a manatee and a tigerfin pops up, then you got a map of aggressive npc's shooting as hard as I do. Should call this repair in scroll event.

    If the goal was to get us to shoot scrolls, it worked. This is by far them most expensive event I have played.
  3. -sattam-

    -sattam- Someday Author

    very bad event.
  4. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Regular

    What does Arky think of event?
  5. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    Please stop this event soon and never run it again. It sucks in all possible ways.
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  6. Nacho™

    Nacho™ Someday Author

    horrific event please stop with the greediness
  7. Mythdric

    Mythdric Forum-Greenhorn

    TL;DR: Terrible event. Make events have better payouts so that they're actually worth doing, and ensure that players of ALL levels can readily participate!

    The event is dreadful to everyone, from the most experienced player to the newcomer.

    Events should be better thought out, with worthwhile returns. To do otherwise is an insult to all players and a blatant demonstration (on the part of BP) of their greed through a pay-to-play gaming mechanic.

    In particular, I would like to recommend that future events are adjusted better so that players of ALL levels can participate.

    For example, you cannot reasonably expect a newbie ship to take on Tigerfins, which do up to 30,000 damage per hit. Newbie ships don't have the fancy gems, skills, or ship castle protections that are readily available to veteran (or heavy spending) players in the game. Just imagine -- someone joins the game during the event, reaches level 2, then is chain sunk repeatedly by Tigerfins. Do you think that's a good first impression of the game? That's a trick question: OF COURSE NOT!
  8. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    To be quite honest I have not really played this event. I did complete the Quest Line, and from that I concluded that the Manatees and the Tigerfins were not worth shooting in my opinion. I also used the code and collected 15 chests, I did not find them paying out enough good items to purchase a key package. What I will say though, is that if players already have Kraken Ammo from past events (which to be honest, every player should be trying to save 2 million at a minimum of each type of ammo for events such as these which are payment only) then shooting the Admiral provides some nice pearls.

    This is just a small 5 day payment event. Nearly every month there is a "payment" event inbetween the big monthly events. Some of them are good, some of them are alright. Normally, in every event you can make a profit of some kind. In this one, as I said, if you saved your ammo from the past Kraken Event, then you can make some nice pearls (as others aren't shooting them :p)

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  9. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Regular

    Well said.
  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Duke

    Thanks for the Voucher Code mate!:) I didn't see it announced..not sure it ever was.

    WHATS-HIS-NAME Forum-Greenhorn

    I think it was sent thu the email ad for event.
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  12. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I seen it on the homepage where you can see Seafights Facebook Page (bottom left) :)

  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Duke

    Thanks once again Arky...I see it now!:)
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  14. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Regular

    Did the code expire already? I just tried it and it says invalid or expired. And I don't see it on the home page either
  15. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    This appears to have expired yes, I just tried to use it on a new account and it does not work.

  16. flafighter

    flafighter Regular

    Oceans Wrath. Manatees aren't exactly the most fearsome creatures in the sea. I don't think they even care for the ocean that much. Just Sayin' :rolleyes:
  17. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    This event is to encourage you to do daily quests, scrolls andd farm in raid map.
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