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Bokor's Chalice May

Discussion in 'Event Announcements' started by Seren, May 7, 2018.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    Bokor's Chalice May

    Ahoy Pirates,

    This month’s Bokor´s Chalice will start on Wednesday, the 9th May, at 12 noon (Local Server Time) and will run until Thursday, the 31st May at 12 noon (Local Server Time).

    The main prizes: (will be automatically booked to players’ accounts after the event has ended):

    • 15 xThe Creature from the Black Lagoon (a new ship design!) + 30 days Kings Legacy + Emperor's Booty Bag + 25 Painbringer Cannons
    • 30 x 15 Painbringer + 30 days Kings Legacy + King's Booty Bag
    • 30 x 15 Devastator Cannons level 2 + 30 days Kings Legacy + King's Booty Bag
    • 30 x 200.000 Soul Eater Ammunition + 15 days Kings Legacy + King's Booty Bag + 15 Doomhammer level 3
    • 30 x 200.000 Voodoo Doom + 15 days Kings Legacy + King's Booty Bag + 10 Firestorm level 3
    The Creature from the Black Lagoon design has thefollowing gems:
    • Brilliant Garnet + 23% Harpoon damage
    • Unblemished Ruby + 22% Cannon damage
    • Refined Aquamarine + 20% Damage prevention
    • Refined Lapislazuli + 100.000 Hit points
    • Amber + 5% PVP Damage
    With a small chance to drop:
    • 1x Taurus Bonusmap
    • 1x Aquarius Bonus Map
    • 1x Sagittarius Bonus Map
    Every Bonus Map is bound to 1 month Premium. This means, that for every dropped present or every dropped Bonus Map, you will also receive one month of Premium (always one Bonus Map + 1 month Premium).

    Your Seafight Team

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