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booty bags

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by big~country, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. big~country

    big~country Someday Author

    are they gonna upgrade the booty bags ever because u can only get up to lvl 20 out of emperors and now u will be able to upgrade to 26
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  2. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @big~country ,

    lets hope they will do atleast the same upgrade like they did with pet bags because right now you have to buy many bags to make gem up to 22 even lol
    ( cant even dream of lvl 25/26 )
  3. darksailrevenge

    darksailrevenge Forum-Apprentice

    it will probaly take years to get to level 26 gems lol, they better make the booty bag level higher or it would be unfair. lets hope they do. it hard enough to get good gems already
  4. Th3BoSS

    Th3BoSS Someday Author

    i have 98 emperior why imposible ? @Kruchy
  5. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @Th3BoSS ,

    i did not said that it is impossible , i did say it will be hard to get up to 26 i do belive your emperors wont be enough
  6. Th3BoSS

    Th3BoSS Someday Author

  7. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @Th3BoSS ,

    what do you mean by that ? :)


    now i get it , very nice well done
  8. whydoyouhatemesomuch

    whydoyouhatemesomuch Forum-Greenhorn

    I for one won't be using any of my gem bags until they update the bags to reflect the new level of gems available.
  9. minigravey

    minigravey Advanced

    except the gem bags you have will stay the version they are. lol soo youll be waiting quite awhile . :)
  10. whydoyouhatemesomuch

    whydoyouhatemesomuch Forum-Greenhorn

    I'm a patient guy, they always update the gem bags eventually. The longer it takes the more i will have to use :)
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