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Discussion in 'Help' started by cheetah, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. cheetah

    cheetah Forum-Apprentice

    who do i report to if i believe someone is botting, and do i need proof or can someone log on to to watch the person/ check thier account?
  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    You need to send your suspicions to support, describing what you suspect and who you suspect including their User ID and Server. You do not need to send proof, but if at all possible, try to include any evidence you can get ahold of.

    Support shall then check the players account and if they have enough evidence of a player using a program then action shall be taken.

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  3. мαšтeяš†ρυρρчš

    мαšтeяš†ρυρρчš Game Administrator Team Seafight

    As this has been answered by your fellow pirate this post is now closed.

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