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Feedback Cannon Damage Question?

Discussion in 'Help' started by ™-DerDestroyer-Z39-™, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. I have been here for 8 years and put alot of time when I can be on to collect and upgrade my ship with in-game currency and not using money too often...since,it is expensive...
    better yet why not offer more options to get rid of the 55's and 60's for something of equal value in return like pearls or crystals and or another cannon..

    no *edit* just exchanging the cannon in return for another cannon without adding any items to exchange them with just to sell or trade them off....or sell in general and get money in return or crystals...

    I have these cannons and skills

    Topcastle 5/8 Gunpowder Flask
    Forecastle 7/8 Cannon loader
    Aftcastle 5/8 Cannon storage
    Voodoo castle 2/8 voodoo bundeling

    basic skills 4-1-1

    6/6 explosive alchemy

    rocket shield 1/6
    agwe armor 6/6
    swift remedy 2/6
    monsters blight 1/6
    hit point hoard 1/6
    agwes aim 6/6
    destruction reach 5/6

    28 dev
    25 lvl 2 voodoo
    37 firestorm
    27 doomhammer
    11 lvl 5 60's
    5 lvl 4 voodoo
    184 voodoo
    120 lvl 3 60's
    193 lvl 60's
    249 lvl 5 55's
    304 admirals

    I hit anywhere from 30k ish to 40k depending on ammo used...and cannons..sometimes in the mid 20k ish area...

    Why is it damage is not as expected?

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    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
  2. KIBIRA$

    KIBIRA$ Forum-Apprentice

    hi you need also good gems.also need more cannon slots like me i hawe 340 cannons on my ship others players hawe i think max is 411.if want hit more need better guns.
  3. I have 265 cannon slots
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