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CD Designs

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by ●ǺLIککØп-BЯ¹●, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. ●ǺLIککØп-BЯ¹●

    ●ǺLIککØп-BЯ¹● Forum-Apprentice

    I think BP should bring back the old CD designs for purchase. I personally would buy them. More money for BP $$$

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Good idea. I will be sure to pass this along. You fellow players input would be greatly appreciated as well.

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  3. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey Pirates !

    100 % agree , I would like to see Apricum , Bonus 1 , 2 & 3 and Add-on 01 ( aka bloody perle - now called Bigpoint Design ).
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  4. parazita

    parazita Forum-Apprentice

    This is a fantastic idea, there are many amazing ones in those.
  5. Cannon

    Cannon Forum-Greenhorn

    It would be great.
  6. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    will do for the right pice :D
  7. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Forum-Apprentice

    Argh! this sounds wonderful, however as we all know BP does not care what its players are willing to buy verses what BP is willing to sacrifice or sell! sm;)e
  8. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Forum-Apprentice

    Wow kruchy you are old! sm;)e

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