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Changes to existing content and upgrades

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by ™-DerDestroyer-Z39-™, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. I am not happy with the the game as a free to play.

    I do not see the profit of spending money here.

    until you make the level 3 voodoo priest 5k or 7500 per second in repairs

    the level 4 carpenter 5k or 7500 per second in repairs

    and the option to sell unwanted 55 and 60 pounders and admirals for pearls not gold....

    I will not spend money here...

    the repair speeds are too slow and it is not going to make me pull put my wallet and buy because you have *edit*

    free to play pearl purchase only items or crew members that only do very little just to get by..

    *edit* you need to update and make changes and make it better to play for free.

    been here for 8 years....time for updates and changes that make it faster and better ...

    I am getting tired of being sunk over and over every single time an enemy see's me or when I want to do my quest.
    and continually over and over it is getting old....it makes players want to quit because you do not offer protection from attacks or a time limit to prevent enemy's attacking all the time...

    I will *edit* rant every single day until you add some good changes for the free to play players...

    [edit - inappropriate language]
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  2. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Junior Expert

    I like U. :D
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  3. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    cast your mind back ...the repair speeds were once fast after you paid cash to upgrade it ! then over time slowly were dropped -reason ..to spend again for what you`ve already paid for :eek::oops::oops:
    bigpoint are a business i think we all have grasped that and like any business they need to make money which is fine but the way they go about it is the problem and what angers customers ,there`s a million better ways to make this income with out causing riots but they seem to lack the skills to achieve this . much to every ones anger.
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  4. yeah,well...When I buy a game on steam and all the bonus dlc content once...

    I own it and I can get all of the bonus weapons and etc...over time...now

    why this cannot be applied here without money brought into the equation....after we have already purchased it...infuriates me beyond words.

    I do not like spending money and the same thing again for faster result....

    I am getting tired of telling them what the unacceptable problem is ...and they do nothing....

    Well,I guess when they have an angry mob appear outside their 5+ million dollar estate in Europe with pitch forks and fires ...they will know....

    That it is not good to be the King.....it all leads to the bloody peasants rioting...
  5. oh,and one other thing...the damage output for the 4 new cannons is outrageous...

    voodoo,firestorm,doomhammer and devastator...

    50k and 100k in between was ok when 55,60 and admiral came out...

    but the 100+k and higher is unacceptable...it is not fair for a free to play that dont/cant ir will not spend money here to have to be attacked by a wallet warrior....

    their should be new changes preventing all equipped devastator,voodoo,doomhammer,firestorm

    cannot attack players that do not have them equipped......so

    only players with the same guns can be attacked....

    this idea will work for me...hahahah

    i will just keep admirals on...
  6. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    I agree with the majority of things said in the above posts and when BP decides to remedy the Bot situation and numerous other chaotic problems that plague this game, I don't really see any new players wanting to find entertainment or enjoyment out of this game as compared to say a couple or more years ago. I started back in 2011 and it was fun and looked forward to leaving work to log on and sail endlessly for hours, now, it's merely long enough to collect the daily login bonus. I was so hyped into the game back then I invited my friends to take a look and start an account now, I cant say that anymore because of the level of bots, cheats and exploits used.
    The evolution of this game from it's start date has not progressed incrementally by meaning, we were skeptical of the trans program of the late 2012-13 time frame but have grown used to it because of the many new features that we all wanted, ease of doing things from the main page to sea chart, however, lets look at the current mode of the sea chart, they asked us what maps we wanted to keep and we all chose which ones, yet I don't recall them asking how we wanted the layout, certainly I didn't expect the current chart nor did you and that and the way they did the maps to reflect PvP. What incentive is it for a new player now to start a baby boat in a combat environment without protection except what they give them? NONE! The real kick in the pants is the items they give them to get started 30 pound cannons really are you serious, what is this compared to a doomhammer, a flyswatter? Get real BP, these players are not going flock to this game without something to give them a small competitive edge at least over some of the npc's and monsters.
    I remember some time ago that a few of us asked for a wrap around sea chart which makes sense, but that didn't happen, we asked for better thought out events but that isn't happening either. We asked that you stop treating the cheaters with kid gloves and slapping them with 7-14 30 bans when it should be permanent bans that isn't happening either.
    I have lost faith in this game and the way it is being handled and I'm damn sure not telling my friends to play. thank you for ruining a most delightful and enjoyable game, I think I'd rather go catch and skin rattlesnakes.
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