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Chilling Brood Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. ThunderStruck!!

    ThunderStruck!! Forum-Greenhorn

    they dont care about us lol - they just want to take as much money as possible :D
  2. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Mogul

    I just checked the Black Market to see they have added additional ammo and chests. The same total amount as the original limit but in a pack 10x the size (10 x 10,000 ammo). So I guess there's another few hours of event yet to play before that runs out. I can spend that time not finding the Veiled Guardian in time and not getting the Scrawl for the quest.
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  3. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    I see anything added when i look in blackmarket.
  4. jokar_uae

    jokar_uae Someday Author

    im starting to think that this forum is for the mods to laugh at our requests, they certainly do not act whatsoever in favour of the players, rather in favour of their own pockets. I genuinely do not understand how you have managed to ruin something that was so perfect last year, all you had to do was repeat the event of last year... Do you not understand that?
  5. ☆.CR7.☆

    ☆.CR7.☆ Forum-Apprentice

    The logic behind the restriction is hard to grasp. If they dont want people to have over 10mill ice ammo, you could at least restrict the total amount a ship can have ice ammo. So in order to actually buy more ice ammo, you have to use your ice ammo. Then you will not see people sailing with 10mill ice ammo, but rather 500k-1mill. And also, being able to use ice ammo at all time.

  6. timarpaul1

    timarpaul1 Advanced

    and 3k reputation to make new quest OMG
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  7. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Someday Author

    Cheers for sharing mate
  8. Lady.Wolf

    Lady.Wolf Active Author

    We tried to tell you all, but nooo, you didn't listen..
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  9. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    Lets see if they joke again today puting again the same amount only changing the pack size to 1x 95.000 pearls
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  10. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    I see that they didnt make the same 100k burning ice joke anymore .. so nothing new on the market (i hope they dont remove what is there since they dont update it)
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  11. rubenrs

    rubenrs Junior Expert

    It is not a bad event for big boats. Big boats make plenty of profit on the admirals using flares. For noobs this event is really bad in comparison to other events though.

    To some extend I think it's fair that there is no burning ice ammo so that big boats get some real value for their money and effort spend at getting good ships. The huge flat ammo damage bonuses completely devalues the edge of big boats. If it's a flare event on the other hand the big boats get all of the value from their boat upgrades.

    Maybe this is just a good time for the noobs to get some levels, do some vovoi quests etc.
  12. rubenrs

    rubenrs Junior Expert

    I finished the event questline. Final quest gives 2x mystery boxes (this must be the second and final repeatable quest). So we can get 2 mystery boxes every day. From the boxes I got the following: 1) 1 puzzle piece 2) 5 lost love.

    Idk maybe there's cannons in these crates too. The event chests has voodoo lvl 1 as rare drop btw.
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  13. jokar_uae

    jokar_uae Someday Author

    i wonder what is next to come in this game. You are only allowed to log into your ship if you pay a £30 access fee? ahahahaha - what a joke this game has turned out to be.
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  14. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    put the damn ammo in the black market you greedy vampires
  15. Dødens~Perle[ØЛƐ]〤

    Dødens~Perle[ØЛƐ]〤 Forum-Apprentice

    Shoot drakir Hrell in 13-15 map Then you have Lot of pearls

    Do this for 1 month and you will have a Lot of pearls
  16. Tag#Me

    Tag#Me Forum-Apprentice

    Ahh i dont Hope

    I stop playing with that game and spending No money if this be real in the game
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  17. -Misuka-

    -Misuka- Active Author

    13 days event and mission you ned do and no event amo ???
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  18. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey ,

    for those who still think to go after event , theres another quest with reputation for Bill , guess how much do we need ?? 5 000 :)
    Just cant stop laughtin xD
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  19. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Advanced

    LOL.Bigpoint thinks we are like ppl with diabetes only 1 time in 2 days we can buy keys and ammo (limited ofc).
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  20. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    lol all that is remained now is to laught to this event .. its not worth writting here anymore or thinking about it just dont play it better stay logout this 12 days
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