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Chinese New Year

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Seren, Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Chinese New Year

    Event from 5th February until 11th February

    The Chinese New Year event features following:

    - 3 event ships (1 normal, 1 minion and 1 admiral)
    - 1 new design: “Razorback”
    - Event chests
    - Ship wrecks
    - Event black market

    The event starts at 12 noon on 5th February and ends at 12 noon on 11th February.

    The black market closes at 12 noon of 11th February.

    All times are local server times.

    “Screaming Dragon” can be found on maps 5 to 35. “Screaming Dragon” spawns 15 “Lantern of Deaths” on its death.
    “Savage Short-Snout” spawns after a certain amount of Lantern of Deaths have been sunk.

    “Screaming Dragon” and “Savage Short-Snout” must be shot with elite ammunition, “Lantern of Death” can be shot with all kind of ammunition.

    Flare ammunition causes more damage against all event ships.


    - “Screaming Dragon”:
    Depending on how much damage you´ve inflicted you are rewarded with EXP and Pearls. The player who inflicts the most damage has a small change chance to receive Dragonfires or the Lucky Dragon design. The player who boards “Screaming Dragon” is rewarded with Dragonfires or the Lucky Dragon design. (Fallback for the Lucky Dragon design: 10 (most damage) x or 15 (boarding) x Dragonfire)
    - “Lantern of Deaths”:
    The player who does the last shot is rewarded with 2 Crystals.
    - “Savage Short-Snout”:
    Depending on how much damage you´ve inflicted you are rewarded with EXP and Pearls. The players who inflict the most damage and do the last shot have a small chance to receive the Razorback, Golden Hound or Dawn´s Rise (Fallback for the designs: 8 x Dragonfire level 2)

    You can accept quests by speaking to Fang Weisheng (on the safe haven). There are 3 quests and 1 daily quest.

    The daily quest is reset each day at 12 noon (local server time).

    New Ship Design

    o Unblemished Garnet + 22% Harpoon damage
    o Unblemished Coral + 22% Critical damage
    o Brilliant Lapis Lazuli + 115,000 Hit points
    o Unblemished Sodalite + 14,5% Chance to dodge

    Event Treasure Chests

    In the event chests, you find many useful items, like Flare ammunition, Voodoo cannons level 0, Lebga amulets, Triton’s benevolence, Dragonfires, Lionhearts and other action items. There’s also a small chance to get Mojo.

    Shipwrecks must be shot with Harpoons. Items such as Voodoo cannons level 0, Flare Ammunition and Crystals can be obtained if you make the last shot!

    The Event Keys will be exchanged 1:1 for normal chest keys.
  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The post event compensation will run today.

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