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Civil War!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Active Author

    This event is most likely the most profitable event in several years on SF, at least for high level players. With the correct setup (defense), you can easily shoot the Buccaneers and Revenges alone and make a profit of around 400.000 pearls every hour. For small level players, the event might not be so good as the NPC's shoot very hard and have a lot of damage prevention/dodge.

    I have currently 17+ K rep point and I get between 28-32 K pearls for the small ships (1 out of 25 approx.) and 350-385 K pearls for the big ships (I Use maybe around 220 K skull ammo and 50 Legba amulets, so a profit of around 200 K pearls for every ship, and I can shoot 2 ships every hour alone and there is plenty of them, so there is no waste time by searching for them).
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  2. CSS_Shenandoah

    CSS_Shenandoah Forum-Apprentice

    I'm getting repeatedly chained by NPCs. I can't do quests by opposing team to get my reputation to zero.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Just an idea but try it in the lower maps like 5 that has 2 non event maps next to it. They give you a place to hide and repair.

  4. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Regular

    hi buddy!!
    any idea how to get coins from other fraction?
  5. cʟαш

    cʟαш Active Author

    to get other team coins u have to play group map and must win, event keys gives both coins
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  6. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Regular

    chest dont give many coins and lol
    thsnx any way
  7. cʟαш

    cʟαш Active Author

    I know, do group map, but ur team must win u get x10 coins
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  8. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Regular

    lol i am kinda of a loner so no group map 4 me,thanx anyways
  9. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @piranhahunter ,

    seems like your question has been answered :) , I cant do group maps cos i am a ' loner ' aswell , thats why i farm as much as I can and if it will be necessary to for me then I will exchange some Solon into Platon on black market
  10. Central

    Central Someday Author

    Hey did you removed pearls from small npcs? i've killed~100 hundred and didn't get anything(
  11. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The chance for Pearls in the small NPCs are still available, I was lucky enough to receive this reward earlier.

  12. abah2

    abah2 Someday Author

    You can get pearls from small NPCs by boarding them. I think the Arrant (15K HP) is the smallest NPC that rewards you. You can check out the list in the Index - NPCs. I think that most of the NPCs that can be boarded for pearls have an encircled crossed swords icon to the left of the NPC. While most of the NPC's boarding values are only 1K - 2K, you'll still lose pirates and equipment each time you board one. I only use the cheapest pirates/equipment when I go pearl hunting. That way, you're only trading gold for pearls.
  13. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Regular

    trade rate for the coins is verry high dont u think?
  14. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Active Author

    In average you get pearls in 1 out of 25 small event ship, but it is random. I have shoot 173 ships without receiving pearls and the suddenly I received pearls in 3 ships out of 20, so it is very random.
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  15. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @piranhahunter ,

    yup its way to high 3:1 would be much better , but still if you want that skin so badly you will do it :)
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  16. Deathless-007

    Deathless-007 Junior Expert

    good event... but i feel like much people stop play game!!! nothing competition there in ranks only 5 or 10 people doing it can merge all servers?
  17. No_Mercy

    No_Mercy Junior Expert

    I wouldn't say "merge all servers" but Mega Server 6 (UK, Germany 3 & Germany 4) is not as fun as it used to be.
  18. *VIC615*

    *VIC615* Forum-Apprentice

    event sux, shipwrecks are *edit*.
    Last edited by moderator: Oct 19, 2018
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  19. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Regular

    I enjoyed this event.
    The tiers / levels of rewards were fair and kept the fun going.

    Only downside is the extreme damage of the mid-tier admirals, 1 shot death for 200k+ boats - thats not cool.

    **side notice: got my first pearl reward from the small npc boats at my 85th kill
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  20. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Active Author

    While shooting a Buccaneer (200 mill hp event ship) together with another player, he suddenly use some action item, that first made 3.5 mill damage and seconds later 2 x 1.75 mill damage on the event ship? Could somebody please tell me what kind of action item makes that kind of damage on NPC's?
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