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Economical collapse

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Central, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. Central

    Central Someday Author

    As you know,before the august patch,crystal-talent system was absolutely stable. As a proof - the Game developers didn't change it from the release of the game at all. But they decided to remove the cabin boys and to remove them by the new skill system. I just want to ask,Do game developers understand,that it ruined all the crystal system of the game and it also needs a change. For example,the previous skill tree had 70 talents and to unlock all the skills you needed for about 60000-70000 crystals.Of course,the prices were aligned with that fact,each crystal had a price of 293 pearls. Now,the whole skill tree has 1050 talents,and to unblock them all you need 363 000 crystals and ~9 m of pearls and 300 000 crowns. I heard that you returned all crystals from the old skill tree in 2-or 3x increase,but even the full talented players needed to buy thousands crystals. For new players it is incredibly expensive,because the prices didn't change at all, you need 100-200 millions of pearls to unblock all the talents,the old skill tree required only 50 m of pearls.Also,quests(1-20 lvl) for the crystals didn't change at all,you also getting very few crystals from shipwrecks,and etc. That things made crystals twice more valuable. This thing led to the prices on the market cove increasing. I think game developers at least know about the problem.
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  2. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    As there is no General Question here I have moved this thread to the correct area; General Feedback.

  3. gbvb28

    gbvb28 Forum-Apprentice

    As someone who has been trying to return in to this game after several years of being away this whole system is so high wall to climb that new players will stop even trying to get higher after few weeks and quit this show for good.

    It is incredibly hard, basically impossible for anyone to get their equipment/skills high enough for player to be able to do anything multiplayer wise. To get to level where you can actually do something requires spending AT LEAST 400 - 500€. Getting equipment high enough grade to actually do all sort of activities, pvp and events will cost minimum of several thousand! Getting top level is wayyy past 10 000 €.

    This whole system was a joke when i originally starter this game and i did not thing that it could get any worse, but boyyy was i wrong.
    I don't even have words to describe how messed up this is.

    No wonder there are no new players and even last of the old ones are quitting.

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