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Suggestion Gems

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by CRORijeka20, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Hey guys wich gems of ship and pet are better for dameg to NPc hit probabli or dameg canons so wich to use
  2. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    This depends on the NPC, some NPC's have a lot of Dodge Chance, so Hit Probability will help you a lot, other NPC's have no Dodge Chance, therefore Hit Probability would offer no benefit and Cannon Damage would help you more.

    I personally would recommend you try to get a good level gem of both of these types.

    Hopefully some of your fellow pirates will leave their suggestions too!

  3. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    i have both on my ship but my dameg on NPC is 5800 to 6000 with 233 canons and that canon are 100 admiral and 133 60pounder lvl 5 if i change ponder 60 lvl 5 with 133 admiral canon woud be bigger dameg what you think
    what to do to have bigger dameg relly i dont now
  4. ulisesdaniel

    ulisesdaniel Forum-Greenhorn

    If you want to use gold ammunition, admiral cannons are better then others. If you want to use elite ammunitions then you have to use lvl 5 60-pounders cannons or if you have voodoo cannons, devastors or doomhamers, they will increase your damage a lot. You also have 233 slots which is weak, try to add more slots, most of players have more then 350 cannon slots.
  5. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    you right i must to have 350 slot and more i will give my best but is so slow when you have low damege hmm i will see what i can do thanks guys and for me is closed this quest thanks and admirals thanks for whach me and to you ulisesdaniel thanks guys more more dameg that all
  6. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Padavan

    This is not correct, Admiral cannons do quite low damage even though they have a damage bonus, the critical bonus of lv5 60's and above outweighs the +2 on addys. Only use addys if you want the elp/xp

    Just get more cannon slots, that's all you can do really.
  7. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Thanks just i need more dameg thanks giys now i must get tooo kuch pearls to buy slots
  8. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Ia to long when you have dameg 5800 and go to sun map is too loooong to shoot hahaha thanks guys so much HMS dozza your king

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As the OP seems happy with his answers I will close.

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