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(Hidden) Pet Gems + stats

Discussion in 'Help' started by Pagan_Spirit, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Padavan


    1) I´m curious about the updatedness of the pet database, i.e. if there may be gems on the new event pets that are not mentioned in the database - thus kinda torpedoing the purchase of any new pets with seemingly weak stats.
    --> reason for asking: a few events ago I got myself a Munin (Blackmarket) and it has a not mentioned special-gem (+50% BP) on it, which is totally cool, but .... if this is a bug, where would I even start!?

    2). For stats; what¨s more beneficial; damage prevention or dodge chance?
    (I know it¨s somewhere--- just pls. saz one or the other, I¨m too lazy to sift thru the forum atm >_> )

  2. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @Pagan_Spirit ,

    1 ) This is not a bug , Munin pet had special gem + 50 % BPs when he came out first time
    2 ) If we are talking about pet gem here then go for a set of Dodge Chance + Hit prob ( thats for pvp / farming ) , you should also have 2nd pet with both defences ( dodge + dmg prev ) to tank some NPCs or to use when you have buffs like Polished Muzzles. However if we are talking here about ship gems then you must have both dmg prev and dodge on your ship m8.

    any more questions ? :)

    Have a nice day!
  3. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Padavan

    That, was very informative @ 2).
    Yet, back to 1). are there perchance any other pet gems not listedin the database - as such that we would purchase them at the events (and devs could ignore the calls for weak pets in the event discussion area) -?

    ** I guess, while you´re being so helpful; what does ¨farming¨ even imply? ._.
  4. ♥§ea§♥

    ♥§ea§♥ Junior Expert

    I had a high level dodge chance so i decided to put it on my pet with hit probability, and i was getting hit harder by player and npc then i was with a lower level damge prevention. How big does the dodge chance gem need to be in order for you to see a difference running it? My boat has skill and castle defense also so its not like i dont have any. And i tried running both dodge and damage prevention and the boats were only hitting me for like 2k less but my hit went way down because i didnt have the hit probability on.
  5. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @Pagan_Spirit ,

    by farming i mean hitting npcs while you do some quests , farming event ships etc.

    now take a look here -> Pets Seafight , as you can see its a lil " outdated " there used to be complete list of pets made by Arky but i cannont find it anymore :(

    Hey @♥§ea§♥ ,

    Dodge gem + Hit prob on pet is a great combination for PvP and farming aswell ( if you dont tank event ships on your own or you are simply strong enough to do it ). You see on PvP its simple to explain , please remember your hit prob affect your opponent dodge change , so lets say ive got 140 % hit prob and your overall dodge chance is 25 % ( pet gem + ship gem ) so in that case 140 - 25 = 115 % <- my hit prob is still above 100 % so i shouldnt see any diff in damage when i hit you. Same goes for damage prevention it affect your opponent cannon damage - so lets say ive got 20 % cannon damage and you have 19 % dmg prevention in that case 20-19=1% <- thats what left of my cannon damage bonus - ( hope that help )

    Now one more thing , not so long ago NPCs have been boosted , BP added some cannon damage to them aswell :p.

    For pets you gain 0,75 % for each dodge and dmg prevention by one lvl. 0,75 from 1 k is jus 75 dmg less you may not see the diff.
    As you said you tryed to run both defences on pet but your dmg drop down - this is correct because you loose hit prob. ,however if you tank an bigger npc you should wear it m8. It deffo make your events easier ( less dmg - npc get down faster - so you save some time and can move on to another one ). Dont forget to run commonwealth sellsword because this guy boost your hit prob vs NPCs !

    [edit - please do not post links to other language forums]
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  6. Swift

    Swift Game Administrator Team Seafight


    For part 1 of your question, if you are talking about the Pets listed in the
    Pets bible entry, then this is written by the Board Moderators and as such, sometimes mistakes do happen. The Pet in question has now been corrected to include the Special Gem, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    The Pets Bible post contains all the posts currently available in game and the presocketed gems to the best of our knowledge.

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