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How about Fix & Stabilize Existing Game before New Items

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by HMS-Harp, Oct 14, 2017.

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  1. HMS-Harp

    HMS-Harp Forum-Apprentice

    Here is an idea and a suggestion. How about the focus being on fixing the and stabilizing existing game along with improving performance before introducing new items and features.
  2. Lady.Wolf

    Lady.Wolf Active Author

    couldn't have said it better!
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  3. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Regular

    Yeah, but look at how easy they are making it for the players to drop the game.

    BP/SF ran out of excuses for putting out such a poor quality and unplayable game years ago.

    1982 just called... They want their game back.
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  4. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Board Veteran

    Bigpoint have made the basic mistake of hiking up prices in a drastic way hoping that the increase will bring in the same amount of revenue in what in reality is sadly a failing game.

    It does not work that way, Bigpoint!

    Firstly you absolutely need to improve the game to encourage new custom and old customers back and importantly to convince existing players to stay. Once you have managed to improve matters and make the game stable, exciting or considered good value for money, would you then discover that you don't really need to increase prices or be greedy in order to make the necessary profits needed to thrive as a business.

    Oh and answer the haunting long running thread in the idea and suggestions pool about the unjustified Brexit price hike whilst you're at it.;)
  5. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Regular


    I remember seeing the SF logo being advertised 10 years ago on Yahoo's Homepage ads.
    I tried several times back then to make an account and play the game and couldnt because the server was always down.

    Nothings changed.

    The game is as unstable and unreliable as it was back then.
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