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How to farm experience(EP)?

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Draznik113, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. Draznik113

    Draznik113 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, i'm a new player and i just recently hit lvl 21. Now i assume i did all the quests from Oswald Murray since he isnt giving me anything new, and i cant find any other available quests. But to complete requirements for pirate test 22, i need 52,5 mil ep and i currently have only 35mil. I have no idea how to even get close to that, since most of the ep i got was from quests and there are non available now.
    Am i missing something, what do i do? And if i have to farm exp somehow, what is the best way to do it?

    Thank you

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    The current event is a good way to earn EXP as the small NPC gives around 5k EXP and the Large gives 20k. Also scroll are an easy way to earn EXP.

  3. Draznik113

    Draznik113 Forum-Greenhorn

    Ok, i cannot kill the big one, but if the small one gives around 5k, i still need to kill 3500 of them to get 17,5 mil ep i'm missing. Which is kinda ridiculous number and will probably take me months. And since i see there is a EP requirement for the next pirate test too, will i have to kill so many of them again. Kinda takes the fun out of the game, dont you think?
    I see scroll maps give you some exp, but still minor amount compared to what you need to get.
    If grinds like this are part of the game, i understand. I guess its just not my cup of tea.
    Thank you
  4. IceBull3t

    IceBull3t Forum-Greenhorn

    Start shooting NPCs for gold, with that gold buy hallows or equiptment to board NPCs (u'll need it) do every mission that u can , enter in SH above map 21 and check there for missions. You make it soon that EP.
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  5. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @Draznik113 ,

    you are lvl 21 so at this point you should have some Admiral Cannons am I right?
    Your task is very simple yet will take couple days to accomplish.
    I sort of agree with what @IceBull3t told you , get yaself to shot some gold invest that gold into hollow ammo ( if you have lot of ammo then go for gold pirates / eq or bid rep ammo + rep cannons in market cove ).
    How many pearls do you have right now ? How many of 'em can you spend ?

    If you can spend like 500 000 - 1 mln pearls then go into SH throw 'em into Cauldron of Arruba and do all bonus maps with hollows ( + use all admiral cannons that you have ). Dont worry you will make all pearls back ( but only if you use hollows ). Dont forget to put on Figurehead " Undine " with give you +5% EXP ( you get 10 % more if you put 2 (-: ) and Obedience pet trainer with also boost your EXP rewards.

    You cant spend any pearls ? Or you are simply bored of bonus maps? No problem! Invest gold into rep ammo on market cove , find some1 whos doing big event ships and heal players around it that will also give you nice amount of EXP :).

    This link will show you all quest on lvl 21-22 so make sure you did them all -> Click!


    Items that boost your EXP rewards from NPC's / Bonus maps:

    - EXP day ( you can get it from chests / payment - only on special EXP days ) ( +50 % )
    - Figureheads ( Undine ) ( +5 % you can equip 2 then it is 10 % )
    - Special EXP gem for ship - Heliodor ( + 30 % )
    - Obedience pet trainer ( from 10 % up to 20 % - depends on what lvl pet trainer you own )
    - Candle ( + 15 % ) this item works only on regular maps - so once you shot some npc or you rep some1 it is worth to place atleast one - you can stack up to 5 candles but only 1st one give you 15 % next one is just + 1 %
    - Snowman ( + 25 % ) this item works only on regular maps - so once you shot some npc or you rep some1 it is worth to use it
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Yes the EP gap is a large one, but everyone that has leveled up to lvl 22 has had to do it. After that it gets easier as far as EP is concerned.

  7. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Board Analyst

    I seem to recall that some of the daily quests for the levels below 21 also give EXP.

    Yup, they do:
    Daily Quests: Level 1 - 20

    Level 20 daily gives 470k EXP

    Allotted Time

    Start At: Ajax (Map 17)


    Defeat 10 Vilundara

    Where to find!?
    Vilundara found in map 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

    Available: Level 20

    End At: Ajax (Map 17)

    470,000 Experience Points
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    You are correct. I had forgotten about that quest. AT lvl 21 you may still do this quest daily for EXP.

  9. Draznik113

    Draznik113 Forum-Greenhorn

    I want to thank everyone for their help. All of these tips will help reduce the grind and make the game more enyojable. Thank you
  10. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Board Analyst

    The pursuit of a higher level isn't the only (or main, IMO) reason to play this game. ;)
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  11. Draznik113

    Draznik113 Forum-Greenhorn

    I know its kinda off topic, but that is the main reason in most games. Higher lvl, better items and so on.... So what is the main reason to play this game?
  12. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Sinking others!!!!

  13. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Board Analyst

    It differs for each player. Some like to build their ships up to either farm or as Tex said, to sink others. Some are here for the social aspect; join a guild and chat and do things on the sea together. For me its the journey, not the destination. Gaining levels gives me more places to explore, but its just a means to an end.
  14. Naineo

    Naineo Forum-Greenhorn

    You can't sink them if you can't reach them. :D
  15. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    That is a valid point, but I still enjoy sinking more than anything else.

  16. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Forum Expert

    this method takes about 60-100 million gold, 100-200k pearls, and whatever the hollow ammo cost is.

    farm drakir hrells to make the pearls.

    Buy about I'd say around 1500-2000 55 pounders. in the crafting area, don't dismantle them all, work out how many materials you need to make enough admiral cannons to fiill your ship. keep dismantling the 55 pounders until you have the required amount. keep whatever is left.

    with whatever cannons are left, buy crystals for the amount of cannons, e.g. 200 crystals for 200 55 pounders. you will need around 300-500 depending on your weapon slots, it only costs between 100-200k pearls. after you brought the crystals, upgrade your 55 pounders to level 5. in the shopping cart, buy as many 60 pounders as allowed (2 level 5 55 pounders per cannon) and dismantle the 60 pounders in the crafting area for the remaining material.

    After this, make a set of admiral cannons for your ship by using the gathered materials. if you don't have the recipe use the voucher code JOHNSGIFT to unlock it, be quick though as it expires 31st august.

    Once you have a set of admiral cannons for your ship. get a good supply of hollows (20-100 million) you can either shoot up the gold, or get a council member in your guild to give you a payout to cover the costs (3 bil should be enough)

    Once you have the set of admirals and a good supply of hollows, go into maps 12-14 and equip the admirals and shoot the night terrors with hollows with your guardian equipped. it has 8.5 million hp and is a cracking way for noobs to get exp.

    This method makes between 250-450k exp an hour.
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