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How to find my global id?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by FaRmEr, Aug 18, 2019.

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  1. FaRmEr

    FaRmEr Forum-Apprentice

    I forget how to find this.
  2. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Hello Pirate,

    Your ID can be located on your homepage , top right just at the side of your name.

  3. FaRmEr

    FaRmEr Forum-Apprentice

    I thought that was my user id, not global, they used to be different, I needed it when contacting payment support.
  4. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    When contacting payment support you will need to give them your user ID.

  5. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Forum Inhabitant

    Global ID under name and is to right of user ID: server #/and boat ID# On main login page.
  6. FaRmEr

    FaRmEr Forum-Apprentice

    Well this is the form for the payment support


    And this is on the home page


    As you see the payment support asks for both id numbers, tho I note that only the user id is required, but regardless I still don't know where to find my global id, and any help would be appreciated.
  7. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Hello Pirate,

    If you get a mate to check your profile page it should come up in there.

  8. JohnRackham

    JohnRackham Community Team Team Seafight


    The global ID is a "nice to have", important are your user and server IDs.
    But when you are logged in in your account, the global ID is shown.

  9. FaRmEr

    FaRmEr Forum-Apprentice

    I asked a guild mate to check it he couldn't find it, thanks anyway Shelby.

    And John, it may be a "nice to have" but it may also be a necessary to have if I am locked out my account with no access to my id number, and yes a guild mate could get that for me.

    However, if asked for my global id then I should be able to find it, and if I can't a board admin or a community team member should be able to explain where to find it or provide it.

    I guess I need to stop asking hard questions.

    You may close.
  10. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The only ways a player can find out their Global ID is in the replies of a Ticket they have sent while being logged in - as the Global ID is automatically populated into the Ticket, or as JohnRackham as stated, being logged in while contacting Payment Support - as it is again automatically populated.

    Although we can see your Global ID, we are unable to provide this to you due to privacy reasons.

    The Global ID is not a requirement of contacting Payment Support, and as such it is not a required field (note there is no asterisk next to the input box). If it is provided, it simply makes it slightly easier for the Payment Team, but is not needed.

    If you would still like to include your Global ID in your Payment Support Ticket; as you must have been logged onto the account in order to access the forum, simply click the Support button on the homepage after being logged in, select Payment Support, and then this will be auto-populated in the box as shown in the image above.

  11. FaRmEr

    FaRmEr Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Swift, thanks for clearing it up, that I can find it if support reply to me.

    I would just like to clear up that even when I was logged in, and clicked to email payment support the form was not autofilled, but at least I have a solution.

    Thanks, as stated above, you can close.
  12. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    per OP's request:

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