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  1. kittystomper2

    kittystomper2 Forum Expert

    The lag is unbearable on the US server. The game is hardly playable and its been this way for some time - little relief from restarts. It interferes with quests, tests and fighting. Players should be compensated by this interruption of game play. Thank you

  2. *Wonder*

    *Wonder* Advanced

    Kitty...they do not care about this game....all they want you is to buy....look they are advertising gem bags... why do you need them...the game can not be played.....does not matter ...just buy!!!!!
  3. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    All feedback is forwarded.

    The team is aware of this issue and the IT guys are working on this.
  4. kittystomper2

    kittystomper2 Forum Expert

    Thank you Seren. All buffs should be extended also....
  5. *HẦluÇÑ8*

    *HẦluÇÑ8* Forum-Apprentice

    That's what I said then the post was deleted.....

    (UNFRIENDLY) Forum-Greenhorn

    Our IT guys should be restarting the server and should be giving me an extension of all my buffs.. Sad I can still pay for items when I can't use them on the water.
  7. -sattam-

    -sattam- Someday Author

    Why is not this problem solved at its root?
    Or work updated every 6 hours throughout the day until the problem is avoided
  8. Graverattack

    Graverattack Padavan

    i do have a solution to the lag problem, keep the game runing from 8 am to 5 pm, cause we all know during the night game is unplayeble
  9. 1) Not a discussion thread
    2)This thread really didn't qualify as a question, more like feedback or suggestions
  10. kittystomper2

    kittystomper2 Forum Expert

    :(Click Click Boom....

    Ok - why is the game lagging so its unbearable? and are players going to be compensated?
  11. *VIC615*

    *VIC615* Forum-Apprentice

    The problem is no one at BP can fix the problem, no US chat in 3 days and now lag so bad I've never seen anything like it in the six years I've played this game, they lack the technical skills and manpower to operate properly. as far as compensation, forget about it, they have back on the amount of pearls in glitters, increased the amount of pearl ammo needed to do events, it's all about the money. a company tries to get as much money as they can before they fold.
  12. 1) Could be bad coding or any number of issues between each of the servers that makes up the whole. At one point the lag was fixed but I think something likely happened.

    Any compensation will be announced via Official Announcements or posted under the technical thread addressing the chat being broke.
    2) Typical conspiracy nonsense, a game lags for some hours during the night and you assume the company is going under?
    The chat is owned and maintained by a completely different company so it is not the fault of Bp if it is not working, and last I checked they are still fixing it.
    So please don't make needless assumptions, They've actually been doing forced restarts on the game when it comes to the developers attention.
  13. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    Thank you for all your feedback. This is forwarded and as Click click states restarts are made when possible. We can only state that the team is aware of the issue and the IT guys are working on resolving this.

    (UNFRIENDLY) Forum-Greenhorn

    Restart the Game now please.
  15. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    Again I can only repeat my previous comments.

    All feedback is forwarded and the team is aware of the issue. The IT guys are working on this matter.

    We are unable to comment on any compensation or the extension of buffs until this matter is resolved.
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