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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by 25095447, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. 25095447

    25095447 Forum-Greenhorn

    i got told i could win the lvl 5 carpenter from chests , so during an event i bought 250keys with real money and used 250k pearls to get more event keys , ive now had them exchanged into normal keys . Ive opened so many chests as i changed what skills i had all to legba for extra rewards , i have had plenty of ammo , booty bags, queens legacy, and lvl 4 voodoo priest , how hard and rare is it to get the lvl 5 carpenter, which i really want ive only got 76 keys left but still no luck , how rare is this lvl 5 carpenter?
  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    In my personal experience, the Level 5 Carpenter is a rare reward, the exact percentage is unknown, however, I would place it on a similar rarity as the Voodoo Priest, Queens Legacy, Sail Maker. You may have just been unlucky so far. Good luck on receiving this item with your remaining keys

  3. 25095447

    25095447 Forum-Greenhorn

    ok ty arky hope i will get it in these last few keys ive received sail maker about 4x now but only once on QL and once on voodoo preise no luck on lvl 5 carpenter yet :(
  4. 25095447

    25095447 Forum-Greenhorn

    no keys left and no lvl 5 carpenter suck s
  5. Destruction

    Destruction Exceptional Talent

    That's a shame mate, I would have definitely expected one from 500 chests. It's definitely well worth your while so don't give up just because you haven't got it yet. You never know, it could be chests 501 that holds the Carpenter!!

  6. 25095447

    25095447 Forum-Greenhorn

    i hope so will have to wait till next event and buy another 250 keys , i wont give up just yet , got heaps of ammo tho shame i still only got lvl 1 reloader lol
  7. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    If and when it is offered for purchase, I would HIGHLY recommend that you buy this ultra rare item for as long as you have premium, he will stay aboard your ship indefinitely as well as the rocket master.
  8. Destruction

    Destruction Exceptional Talent

    Agreed, assuming he is unfortunate enough to find neither in chests.


    ☆SHQIPONJA☆ Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi there, i don't like to open new thread for just one question anyway i will do it here. I need to know if there is any chance to get the "rocket masster" from normal chests. My firends said there is a chance but they ain't 100% sure about that!
  10. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    I haven't heard anyone winning him in a chest, perhaps though it's possible but as far as my knowledge it is only offered in the teaser trailers on main page.

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