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Minus Battle Points

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by TheReelDeal, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. TheReelDeal

    TheReelDeal Padavan

    Why don't they subtract battle points for sinks 3 or 4 levels under your level. I am mot sure why Common Wealth level players need to patrol the lowest levels ( 2 and 3 ) looking for easy sinks. Something similar to the gift hunt.
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    ☆SHQIPONJA☆ Forum-Apprentice

    I patrol too but this is pretty nice idea, so new players will enjoy more the game!
  3. Planters_Peanut

    Planters_Peanut Junior Expert

    In theory this could be a great idea or tweaked but maps 2-5 are filled with high level and low level boats that are Shiny Bots, NPC shooting bots for league, ELP, EXP or for gold and during some events Harp Bots. With so many bots it is like BP and resource farming I suppose for those that cruise the lower maps and just sink all targets. Again BP as mentioned many many times here in the forums and in social media does not enforce their own T & C so the game is like one big Trainwreck with odds heavily stacked against lower level and new players.
  4. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    An interesting idea, and one that I can see would help the smaller players out, but also an idea that I think would be abused in high-level play. For high level players, even those level 30, you find that the majority of fights happen in 21 maps or below, so it is not rare at all that Level 30 players are fighting players level 21-25 or so. By your logic, a player that has worked hard to get himself up to Level 30 would actually be punished by losing battlepoints if he were defending his island in 21/1 from Level 21 players for example.

    Battlepoints are already scaled by Battle Point rank, so players still only get 3 per sink (6 with pet and gem) on weak players down in low maps generally, unless they themselves also have a low BP rank.

    The use of Noob Protection as well as escaping to scrolls should make avoiding these chaining situations much more feasible.

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  5. daggerstip

    daggerstip Forum-Greenhorn

    Can game makers please change the spawning location after player gets sunk? To spawn exactly where you get sunk again and again in THE SAME SPOT, you will chained non stop until you quit for the night as you cant move, you cant repair. and the person who gets lucky shot first and sinks the player gets endless easy 1 shot bp. I am often sunk before I even can get on water, endless nimbus viewing. I often have to wait for a few minutes in hopes the other player moves on and I can then get back on water proper and repair. Or at least give the person a 20 second grace period where they cant get sunk again. As the computer does take a few secs to register/load getting back on water. Make game play more fun. Because since the new maps I am disappointed how hard it is for new players to even get on the water. Really?? the titanmasters are worse then vuurs. Those you expect when you get higher levels but lower maps? 3 shots the little ships are gone. If it doesnt get fixed game over for all players. I don't know anyone who likes the new game version. Good luck to us all.
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