New Battlepoint Ranks

Discussion in 'Help' started by A-R-K-Y, May 11, 2017.

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  1. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Here are the New Battle Point Ranks.

    [​IMG]Rank 28402500
    [​IMG]Rank 29435000
    [​IMG]Rank 30468750
    [​IMG]Rank 31503750
    [​IMG]Rank 32540000
    [​IMG]Rank 33577500
    [​IMG]Rank 34615000
    [​IMG]Rank 35652500
    [​IMG]Rank 36690000
    [​IMG]Rank 37727500
    [​IMG]Rank 38765000
    [​IMG]Rank 39802500
    [​IMG]Rank 40840000
    [​IMG]Rank 41877500
    [​IMG]Rank 42915000
    [​IMG]Rank 43952500
    [​IMG]Rank 44990000
    [​IMG]Rank 451027500
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  2. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    lol .... are they joking with this ... so high it doubble of everything
  3. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Well they have to make the amount of battlepoints required high so that they lost a long time and players have something to work towards.

    I personally am more disappointed in the new Battle Point Rank Rewards found:

    Gems are a terrible reward for Battlepoints, even those players who are Max BP currently, it will take them a very very long time to reach the maximum reward, and what do they receive? A couple of scrolls, and gems which shall be outdated by the time they reach them levels.

    Rank 44 Gems:
    • 1 Sparkling Aquamarine = 18% Damage Prevention (Ship) (Level 18)
    • 1 Twinkling Lapislazuli = 85,000 HP (Ship) (Level 17)
    • 1 Twinkling Ruby = 17% Cannon Damage (Ship) (Level 17)
    • Agate = 50% Battle Points (Ship).

    As you can see, the Levels of these Gems are nothing spectacular. By the time players reach this rank, there would have been countless Booty Bag Upgrades to the point where you could probably receive these gems or higher levels, from a Lords Booty Bag.

    Not to mention the Agate gem. You receive a 50% More BP Special Gem, when you are nearly Maximum BP. I do not know if you know this or not, but once you are Maximum BP, you earn 0 BP for Every sink, so no more BP, why give them a BP Gem!?

  4. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    i know that when you reach max you get 0 BP ... but what is more amaizing is that after the last pirate lords event everyone have the BP gem so whats the point of giving it again after some years ... bcs i dont think someone will get the last rank in this yeaar or even in the next
  5. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Seems BP listened, the Rewards from the new BP Ranks are changing, and now you will get Gem Bags instead of set Gems :) Also, for the high ranks, Cannons ;)

  6. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    idk when you get the info ... but what canons if i may ask
  7. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

  8. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    hey, if some one made this. i wonder if there a post who shows what battle point need for each bonus in black marked.. xample 187500 gives 40k hp... thx
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