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new server merge !!!

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by Fato, Dec 14, 2018.

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New server merge 2019

Poll closed Jun 14, 2019.
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  1. Fato

    Fato Forum-Greenhorn

    More than 3 years ago, you have made a merger of servers. Initially it had to be 6 Mega servers, then you decided that, due to the number of players too high, it would have been only 11 smaller megaserver. You also said that in the future you could have merged the servers back to the first option. However for American servers, the first option was adopted immediately, while for the European servers the second was adopted, with the result that today mega america is a very good server, full of people even after years, instead the servers Europeans (like MS3, MS6, MS7, MS8, MS9, etc), to date, are back as before the 2015 union. By opening the global 7, the servers have become even more empty, because, PVP server players, they are transferred to global europe 7. To date, we have several European national mega servers (spain, england, holland, scandinavia, italy, russia, poland etc) with very few people on the map. In addition, there is also the global 6, with even fewer players. Why for 2019, do not you think of bringing option 1 to the European servers? or, if you can not divide the platforms (even if on the 2015 announcement it was said that it was possible), join the various mega servers?

    for example:

    MS1 + MS5 (or + GLB6)
    MS2 + MS3
    MS4 + MS9
    MS7 + MS8 (or + MS6)

    or, choose the option you prefer, mine was just a bland idea. There is a need to join servers as there is no activity on the map due to the few players on European servers.

    Public, to show you how much I say, the event rankings of the various mega servers, and you can see that even though most are players with only 1 point in the standings, the difference between European servers and mega-America:

    Mega Server 1 = 2020 (2 server)
    Mega Server 2 = 1417 (3 server)
    Mega Server 3 = 1270 (3 server)
    Mega Server 4 = 1655 (3 server)
    Mega Server 5 = 1590 (3 server)
    Mega Server 6 = 1134 (3 server)
    Mega Server 7 = 1142 (4 server)
    Mega Server 8 = 1270 (2 server)
    Mega Server 9 = 1126 (3 server)
    Mega Server 10 = 2394 (7 servers!!!)

    International Server 11 = 829 (global europe 6)

    if you decide to merge the servers, the impact of players would not be greater than mega america, for example:

    MS6+MS7: 2276 (7 server)
    MS3+MS9: 2396 (6 server)


    I'm sure, maybe, that if they brig the servers to the first option, it can be even more calibrated than to merge the various mega servers together.

    the only server that perhaps has more players, would be the global mega server,
    but, as we know, the global have always had more player players than national servers

    why, in mega america the first option was adopted, and in others national servers not?
    in that server there is a lot of war, the others are dead.

    Eventually, you should ban gamers who use bots (maps from 1 to 10 are full of second, third and fourth ships)
    to clean the servers before joining, as you did in 2015 before the previous merger of servers.

    they told us they could a new server merge after a while. It has already been more than 3 years. For "in the future", what does for bigpoint mean? another 10 years before the next union?

    I request the opening of an official survey, with the response of the admin and players, and the possibility of forwarding our request to the central office and to the programmers. Thank you !!!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Well worded mate. There are at least 2 other threads along the same lines. Lets leave this open and see what comes of it, but if it becomes a fiasco , we will be forced to close. As far as a survey goes, we on the forum do not do that. Sorry.


    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    How about giving an opinion on the idea and not just say no one will listen. We of the forum write reports turn in reports weekly about the players comments, feelings, and ideas. The sole purpose of these reports is to give the developers a fell for the community's wants and needs. In the many years I have played this game, I have seen ideas sent in by players implemented. The Mega Server merge was just one of them. Understand that this is a game that is up and running 24/7 and yes there are glitches and bugs, but if you have played any other online games, especially MMO's Seafight actually does fairly well in staying up and running with minimal down time. Also, to implement some ideas would take a complete revamping of the mechanics of the game. These things con not happen over night. There are a lot of ideas being worked on at Big Point, but they are not discussed with us. Please try and enjoy the game and please any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome. You never know what will be added to the game.

  4. Fato

    Fato Forum-Greenhorn

    thank you very much for the response from the admin. It's important a new union, because there are few players on the map and, if things do not change, even those few left will stop playing (including myself)

    *Sorry to add on your post but in giving your opinion could players also add the server they play on. I think it would be helpful and definitely informative.*

    *ok, if you need to add / remove something to the survey, you can*
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  5. Fato

    Fato Forum-Greenhorn


    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It has been passed along but do not expect quick response.

  7. ntc1010

    ntc1010 Forum-Apprentice

    I 100% agree,i am maxed out on EG 7 and since it's a pve server I have little to none to do.
  8. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    i think that the EG7 will not be merged cuz of its PVE ... the rest of servers are PVP exept 1 america PVE .. so maximum that could happen for you is to be merged with america PVE server and to be even harder for you to farm ^^
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  9. Fato

    Fato Forum-Greenhorn

    the PVE servers have just been opened, so a union between them is impossible. Instead, we ask for the union of national European servers. Thank you and I hope this survey arrives at headquarters.

    in addition to votes, also specify the mega server to which it belongs.
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