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  1. fama2016

    fama2016 Forum-Greenhorn

    Help... newbie with warship... i get destroyed everytime i'm in map 2... how do i better my ship, health and defense without paying real money? what should i focus on and how? thanx in advance
  2. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey ,

    1st , lvl up max to lvl 5 ( due to newbie protection )
    What is newbie protection ? Its very simple when some 1 destroy your ship then for 1 hour no 1 can atack you ( untill you atack an player / npc / monster ) with mean for 1 hour you can collect shineys and be fine ;) , 2nd collect as much glitters as you can , stack up some pearls , build up your cannon and beam slots with gold , join some guild and dont be afraid to ask for help , try to bid some gold on Sunmap medalions with allow you to go into special map and face npc Sunburst ( gives out pearls and can be hit with gold ammo )

    in short ...

    Crystals should be spend on Skillpoints only .
    Pearls should be saved up and used to buy Castle -> Forecastle -> Cannon loader ( this will speed up your reload time )

    DONT GIVE UP ! thats all you need ;)

    what more can i say ....

  3. Sp1d3rsCaptivity

    Sp1d3rsCaptivity Forum-Greenhorn

    very well put kruchy
  4. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Exceptional Talent

    There are so many answers for this question but it is obvious that TIME is what builds a boat. If you have money to put into it then your build time is less that it would be to collect the shiny and scrolling for pearls and doing events. either way you go about it you will have a boat to suit your needs. Castles and skills are important because they are the "muscle" behind you ship, in strength, power, and speed. Your cannons are the arms for which you will fight your NPC or players but they are only as strong as you make them by upgrading or replacing or adding more of them but these go hand in hand with the castles and skills. To determine which castle is right for you, you must first determine what you want your boat to be, Fighting or farming, (farming for gold, pearls and crystals) and can be used to ward off some if not all attacks dependent on the type cannons and other items you set up. For the new player farming will be the most obvious choice until you reach a certain level and then you will have to rely on doing a little bit of both from the same ship setup. Carefully read each castle section and the expansions that co-exist within the castle to determine what you want to open first, likewise, be mindful that there is a skill that will directly or indirectly reflect that castle as well. Most castles and expansions and the skills will almost always reflect on the use of cannons whereas a section also exists for the use of harpoons but they are only used to defeat monsters and shipwrecks during events and almost always will be a close second in upgrading compared to cannons. Your decks and hulls are important to build right away for they give you the strength and support in addition to the castles and skills you have but most importantly they give you additional cannon space and speed in certain instances. The pets you acquire will give you certain attributes to include the gems they contain will enhance that to a degree, but always need to upgraded for better performance. Take advantage of the bokors chalice which is done monthly if at all possible and wait for certain times of the month for castle and talent days to upgrade your skills and castles.
    For the new player don't get discourage by being sunk repeatedly while trying to accomplish your set tasks for the day, it is just a game and never take it personal if that indeed happens to you, we have all been down that road and with a little bit of time and patience we will see your boat beyond the 5 maps and enjoying some hefty pearl profits. Happy Sailing.
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