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Powder Monkeys

Discussion in 'Help' started by Planters_Peanut, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Planters_Peanut

    Planters_Peanut Junior Expert


    Have their been any recent updates or changes to Powder Monkeys that we periodically purchase with Gold after they expire vs spending pearls on Cabin Boys?

    Thank you!
  2. ManOverboard

    ManOverboard S-Moderator Team Seafight

    There have been no changes or updates made to the Powder Monkeys.
    Cabin Boys are still the better option.

    Has this answered your query?
  3. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    Traditionally, the cabin boys are the better of the two (powder monkeys) and as a rule of thumb, anything bought with pearls will be better than the items bought with gold, however, dont be surprised that now with the crown system in place a newer type of powder monkey/cabin boy will be introduced within months.
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  4. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Quite possibly. That would be a real pain to have to keep up with, it will probably cost 50k crowns for 2 weeks because BigPoint seem to not even know what their own currencies are worth... I will say however that they do not want any cannons firing faster than 2.0 seconds which Firestorms are still close to, so personally I don't think this will happen any time soon. You never know though...

  5. Planters_Peanut

    Planters_Peanut Junior Expert

    Forum mod you may close this thread if you wish. My question has been answered. Thank you!
  6. мαšтeяš†ρυρρчš

    мαšтeяš†ρυρρчš Game Administrator Team Seafight

    As Requested.

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