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  1. ﻛϊґдnđy

    ﻛϊґдnđy Someday Author

    We are all aware of bugs and issues that occur, however our team is constantly working on resolving these issues as and when they appear......

    ^^ how about working so that they don't appear and leaving these bugs and exploits running for months / years on end Would be a good start to be honest
  2. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    Would be a Miracle, but as we can not produce miracles, we try the best we can for a bug free game.

    Obviously you all see the bugs that are not resolved or fixed when they occur in the live servers, however you would be surprised at how hard the team work to prevent many many more appearing in the game.
  3. ﻛϊґдnđy

    ﻛϊґдnđy Someday Author

    Yes i totally agree but the ones that do get through are the ones people or a certain group of people are taking advantage of and nothing is ever happening to them only a pat on the back but someone like me use and i get 7 days ban or 30 days ban feel like people who have Support or admin in there ts and coalition are taking advantage of this......

    But you also got to see from my point of view when u play 10 years and game has become so bad ( cheating exploits bugs blabla ) also for seafight to put there prices up on payment makes some people want spend less or play less 10 years ago £100 pound a month would last u 30 days now £500 lucky to last you 15 days lol and your getting less for your money too
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  4. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    I am sorry but No at this time I can not see your point of view when you are complaining about receving a 7 day or 30 day ban for using exploits. I do not care if you are aware of fifty players that are not caught or banned, this does not in anyway shape or form make it right for you to then decide to do the same. Two Wrongs do Not make a Right.

    This seems to have taken a turn in topic, you were refering to bugs and the teams ability to prevent these from occuring, now it seems as though this is just another thread complaining I got caught but others didn't.

    "....someone like me use and i get 7 days ban or 30 days ban feel like people who have Support or admin in there ts and coalition are taking advantage of this...."

    I am sorry but I will no longer take part in this discussion.

    I will leave the thread open, as I know you will want to comment, however if it gets out of hand this complete thread will be deleted.
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  5. ﻛϊґдnđy

    ﻛϊґдnđy Someday Author

    I never been banned for using bugs or exploit i have always played fair

    Second: 50 players or not 50 players as stated in terms and conditions anyone to be found using bug or exploit ( in new T&C) will face permanent ban

    This was just an example i was giving you don't need to get little carried away with yourself, Was only asking few simple questions to be answered nothing more and if you have any idea when these bugs n stuff was going to be fixed jesus
  6. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Forum Great Master

    odd they all got just 14 days lmao:rolleyes:
  7. ﻛϊґдnđy

    ﻛϊґдnđy Someday Author

    14 days is nothing though they be back on it same thing just as soon as that 14days is lifted and if you ban perment they just go buy account xD

    Any way you can close this now SEREN !!!!
  8. ManOverboard

    ManOverboard Forum Moderator Team Seafight

    As per OP request,

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