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Server Battles

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by Jelle, Jun 12, 2019.

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Server Battles?

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  1. Jelle

    Jelle Forum-Apprentice

    With Close to 40 Servers Is Anyone Else Interested In A Server Battle ?

    This Could Accrue Once a Month For A Week Or Once Every 3 Months As A Server Vers Server Points System . with a rotation of servers every Server Battle

    My Thought Was A Server Battles Against Another Server For Points To Win Pearls Or Loot EG: Booty Bags/ Cannons / Decks etc
    How id like to see it work is you can enter the opponents server to attack an event ship that will need more than a few ships to sink , every event ship is worth 10 points , an opponent can sink you while your shooting the event ship/in there server and claim 2 points , also if your server sinks there own server player ships they loose 10 points for there server , that way Servers are forced to take time out of there wars to come together to help there server win loot .
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It is an interesting idea, but the only problem I see is that there is not a way to transfer accounts from one server to another and back the way you propose. Same reason we can not transfer accounts from one server to another at the players request. I am only the part of the forum team and not part of the design team but this is how it was explained to me. None the less I will leave this open and see how your fellow pirates feel, and if any one else has anything to add and I will forward it to the Devs.

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  3. LustySerpant

    LustySerpant Forum-Apprentice

    i am no developer but i do have IT background, to merge the servers is technically impossible at this point! but it is a dream for many companies to merge servers. However it is currently possible but at a max premium cost, which i do not see any gaming company investing in, simply due to such a high cost. NASA for example has the only true high bandwith to merge servers.
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  4. lude1962

    lude1962 Regular

    You wouldn't be merging servers, it's what user databases that are being read by the server. All servers are likely to virtualised and identical with a few different startup parameters ie, name,pve and user/equipment database location.
    On a technical level it would need a piece of 'middleware/broker' to manage what server/user databases are being read. Providing of course the db's are in a std format across the server estate.
  5. LustySerpant

    LustySerpant Forum-Apprentice

    Ahh, yes my dear IT pirate friend. im so glad you made the tech post reply! this points to the effort needed and the possible gaps that could lead to serious user id mishap or even worse... So lets assume the middleware/broker is compromised will BP replace user data exactly as you last had before a mishap should happen? hmm! although there will be safeguards such as back ups, i don't see a good migration taking place, and many upset pirates walking the plank.
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