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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by Ɗяєɗɗєɗ, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    I have an idea to end shiny botters, for good.

    Once a player has collected 100 shinys you will get a popup saying "Alert Bot prevention" with a Capture code.

    You have 3 chances to put the correct Capture code which would be a 6 digit number otherwise you will receive an instant 1 hour ban.

    This will work when you collect 100 shinys in a day. So if you collect 50 and take a break then collect another 50 the same day you will get the bot prevention alert.

    Let's stop botters.
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    GPMONSTER Board Veteran

    lol honestly if someone picking up items that BP puts out for free is that big of a problem to your game play then you have other issues you really need to address play smart get your BP move on remember its a kids game
  3. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    When players are paying for shiny doublers but cannot get shinys due to botters then there is some problem to address.

    GPMONSTER Board Veteran

    there are over 50 maps and you cant get a shiny??? because of botters lol refer to previous post
  5. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    This has been an occurring problem and will continue to be so but I would have to agree with dredded that something needs to be done in order to get this game straightened out and even to all players. I certainly don't know game your playing GP but the last I checked we only have 25 maps and dependent on a players level, they may only have a handful to sail in, and so it is hard for those who have the doubler to get a few shiny here and there. I personally don't use the doubler but I sure as don't bash someone who does. Do what ya gotta do dredded, and happy sailing.

    GPMONSTER Board Veteran

    ok there are 4 rows accross times 15 squares that makes 60 total maps even if your level 5 or below that still leaves you with 15 maps under noobie protection i cant believe there are not enough maps to search out shinys in that botters are that thick at all hours of the day ive played this game way too long , the botters or ie point to point runners have been here since the games start and arent going any where any time soon so my point is this learn too play with them get your BP off them move on if thats too far fetched then im sorry this may not be the game for you to play its not ran right from top to bottom but after so many years of hearing players complain about botters its a bit nerve racking if you felt offended in anyway it was not my intention to do so enjoy the game anyway you can
  7. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    i love the idea !!
    this should be passed over 2 dev team !
  8. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    We shouldn't have to change our game play to make botters welcome. Botters need to be taken care of.
  9. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Board Veteran

    Anything that removes the incentive for botters and makes it unnattractive is very welome and needs serious consideration.
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  10. michaelwells

    michaelwells Forum Ambassador

    Lol, guys. :) There are 60 maps, total. There are 18 maps that are accessible for those who are level 5. (Levels 1 - 5 are allowed to collect glitters on 1 maps). If a player can't find glitters on a particular map, they should try switching maps.

    Would give a code a try. How about 4 digit alpha-numeric? Enable a "suspension-of-activity" mechanic on the given account, for the duration it takes a player to type in the code. This would prevent a player from being attacked while they are typing in the code. Once completed, reactivate the account. Even if players had to re-log for this to function, it wouldn't be that bad of a compromise.
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  11. Corsair_Bill

    Corsair_Bill Forum Connoisseur

    No offense meant, if a guild has a base, those in that guild have twice the amount of glitters to gather, regularly, so to try and set a limit on glitters would also prevent a guild from enjoying the added bonus, that's if things are like they were before the big merge.
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