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    The way I play the game, and most others with a large amount of skills, range is essential. So if you are focusing your skills for that, then you are setup correctly.

    However, because of the low amount of skills you have, I would assume you will be wanting to shoot NPCs more; be it events, scrolls, or the normal maps. If this is the case, I personally would not go for range yet - as it does not help against NPCs, and instead start with Ogun as follows:
    After that then I would proceed with the Agwe Path of skills and work towards getting Range, placing 6/6 in Agwe's Armor and Agwe's Aim.

    This is afterall just my opinion; I am sure you will get some more in depth replies both agreeing with me and disagreeing with me. It shall then be your choice as to how you would like to setup your skills to best meet your own needs and play style.

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