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The New SkillTree (Feedback)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Open Beta - The New SkillTree (Feedback)

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please use this thread to leave your thoughts and comments (feedback) on the Open Beta New SkillTree Test.

    Please remember to leave your user id and name, so this can be reviewed.

    You can participate by going to the Open Beta login page found below. Your normal game account will not work here and you are required to register/login to an open beta account.


    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. GloriousNoR

    GloriousNoR Forum-Apprentice

    You should add a way to increase the skill points by more than one. As of now, it takes forever.

    Besides, it looks overly expensive.
  3. ¹ҚεεŁнuŁŁ

    ¹ҚεεŁнuŁŁ Forum-Apprentice

    Well funny thing, you opened beta test server? I go and log into my beta account all I get is select server that has none in it all show 0/0 so my account is not there to test good job people!
  4. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    As mentioned in the Announcement, you will need to create a new account:
  5. Rabbid

    Rabbid Advanced

    Problem 1, the skills revert to 0 when logging off and back in. Happened once, haven't tried again.

    Also I would suggest adding a slider to add multiple skills at a time instead of having to spam the button to add max of 50 with each skill.
  6. 乂©ẵTẵ乂

    乂©ẵTẵ乂 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello Dear Seafight team. Can you add PainBringer cannons lvl 0, lvl 1 in Server Beta ? Put them in BlackMarchet we need to test them if they are good then DoomHammer or others. Thanks
  7. tried adding the skillpoints, it's gets way too laggy after a while so you refresh your seachart and find out all skills have been reset. Please fix it, won't test it again before a patch.
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  8. JohnRackham

    JohnRackham Community Team Team Seafight

    We are fixing it right now.
  9. LastVoyage

    LastVoyage Forum-Apprentice

    I just opend the test account and as Rabbid says: a slider would be good.
    Once you + as skill there is no minus or rest? Some I clicked to high and need to leave them there. No correction possible. Guess thats in planning.
    It says once you have 100% on the master on the sea-chart you can activate after certain activities. That counter is not working. So, no idea if all skills in the new tree only work after getting activated or if that would be sort of bonus master skill whats activated. Skills are permanent on - or only after activating?
    Under economics I was expecting economics: that you can also here maximize payouts of treasure chest and glitters. That was the best out of the old tree under that respective "economic" tab. Seems like is taken since it was best. As usual...
    I maxed out hit & damage prevention with the initial resources. And the ship is just so unbelievable weak! Even the gems in the pet here are much higher than in my real ship, both damage prev and dodge - but on my real ship a Brutal Envoy will hit less than 200 and here I get a 1.6k ! ?
    So far I don't like what I see. No improvement or gain. Not for the gamer.
  10. ¹ҚεεŁнuŁŁ

    ¹ҚεεŁнuŁŁ Forum-Apprentice

    Pass will not start another new beta account just as will not start spending money on a new PVE/PVP server Bigpoint could just as easy added those option to all other servers but just another way to exploit idiots to spend more money on a load of garbage!
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  11. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Forum Inhabitant

    ·єviłωαყѕ·Active Author
    So true roflmao.​
  12. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    I have seen other players who have encountered the same issue have been able resolve this by refreshing the page.

    Thank you for reporting this error, it shall be forwarded.

  13. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    The new skills look interesting, but the way to asign them is terrible. It takes a lot of time to make a skill set and creating skill points. Please consider adding a scroll bar like the one used to buy extensions room and weapons room so buying skill points takes less time.

    P.S: If the message should be in another thread, please move it.
  14. LastVoyage

    LastVoyage Forum-Apprentice

    I finally maxed out the skills and the castle similar to what I've on my ship in the real world. I like my ship as it is on the real server much better! I cant measure, maybe someone can:
    - it feels like full speed harpoons possible now is like three times slower than we have already, what is the difference I don't know as a fact but fact is it is MUCH slower
    - and I cant help it but also I think the cannon range is less than what I'm used to, need to get closer to the NPC to shoot (just a feeling?)
    - my hit with hollow is much higher on real server than I can manage to get here, even better gems on ship & pet here (here 9..17K with similar setting elsewhere, but maybe lvl 3 latern and admirals give me the advantage of 13...19K on "my" ship)
    - I don't have my real ship full of such elite monster lvl 4 doom and like one lvl lower gems on ship and pet as here now but still hit with my normal ship as hard as with that one here, meaning with my lower level less elite point bonus cannons I will hit less once they change the tree!!! That is for elite ammo of course.
    - what was in AGWE (harpoon speed and damage) is now under "Economics" (?) even so it looks like damage relevant; in exchange is from the old economics (LEGBA) the "Gifts of the Seas) taken away - what was highly "economic" for each player, without Glitter and Chests don't pay out!!! If change the tree - take the "gold from monster" out and put in "Gift of the Seas"!!! Nobody shoots monster for gold, only for quests!

    So, please fix all glitches and bugs which you are aware of and don't touch a "running system". The skill tree works as it is. No experiments on the expense of the players; expense in terms of new money to be spend to "get back" (weaker) what we have and what was better/ stronger/ faster as well as possible more bugs and game crashes which may come since BP never released something working. Weeks of trouble would be ahead for sure.
    Only one thing we need to get back or keep with the new payment method - is the cabin boys. They did and do exist, no big change. To change a complete skill system to replace them is complete nonsense and unnecessary.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  15. .ModernWarfare.

    .ModernWarfare. Forum-Apprentice

    New skills are just plain bad and it is yet take out what we had and make us pay for it again.Just same old poor and sadly, stupid updates.With months of planning something way better could have came out.

    So the good things are that HP max from skills now amounts to 150K also that you can max every skill (max lvl is 50 for each one)
    meaning you can take full andvantage of all skills and wont have to pick wich skills to use anymore.

    And to the bad things first 100 skills or so arent so expensive but then it starts taking pearls and bigger number of crystals...and yes then crowns..again *sighs*.Now you no longer can use extra chests rewards since it no longer is a normal skill..it moved to master skill wich takes a horribly high number of monster kills (took me like 10 minutes of killing serenas and orcas and whatever else) to last less than a minute.Same with Defensive sheet master skill very hard and time consuming charge ( takes more than 1M VP) and the benefits are not equivalent at all with the time/items consumed.Damage sheet thankfully doesnt take as long sadly the 35% extra damage it promises doesnt seem to do much at all (hitting 122k with master skill active turns into 135k) or at the very least not 35% extra damage on npcs and buildings.Also seems that putting this on sea chart made it even more laggy and full of glitches.

    Anyways to sum up here's what I would do to fix this in my opinion mess.

    Give everyone 2 times the crystals spent in skills currently (I think this is already planned wich is good)
    Give everyone the amount of pearls spent in crystals in skills (same as above) or at least the total amount to complete the new skills according to current skill points.
    Same with Crowns.

    Return extra treasure chests reward as a normal skill.

    Remember that players already paid for skills and didnt ask for a rework so its fair to have back all skill points once its updated many will get tired and quit if you dont;But dont worry game is still full of brats whom even after complaining and whining are gonna pay for this
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  16. Rabbid

    Rabbid Advanced

    It's like 300,000 Crystals for max skills not even counting the pearls and crowns for each one.. Pearls, Crowns and Crystals for each skill and there is now 1050 skills. I mean I've put up with a lot of garbage from BP but this is all I can take. If this hits live servers I'm done, lol not even worth playing anymore as it is.
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  17. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Regular

    yust here to read who will say that this is a good update :p
  18. minigravey

    minigravey Advanced

    you put all this effort into this whole new skills thing, and yet .. first you make the whole graphics and mechanics atrocious, the whole island thing with zero descriptions until you highlight in which you get a teeny font , then , how is it all these years, and updates but yet, you still havent realized that many of the skills are never used.. harp range, more gold from boarding,
    it seems like all you did was nerf' players buy giving us micro fraction increments per skill, +.02 +.04 +.06 etccc
    im trying really hard to find positives but i cant
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  19. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker


    So in short, my feedback on the new Skill Tree is sort of mixed.

    Lets start with the appearance, it looks okay, although personally I believe some nice graphics could have been created with each sheet visible without needing to scroll down to see the start of the Tree. I like the Master Skill graphics, shame that the normal skills no longer have individual graphics to distinguish them.

    Some players have mentioned lag, which I have also noticed when placing Skill Points in a Skill.

    The act of buying Skill Points, especially when there are 1050 in total, is very tedious having to press that button over and over, similiarly adding Skill Points to Skills takes just as long if not longer! Might need a new mouse after all that clicking when its all finished lol. I agree with other players, using a slider, which I believe is very possible to do for these Skill Islands as there is enough room, would be a good change to the system.

    I really like the fact that players can have all the Skills, it would be so tiresome and very annoying if we have to reset and click for a long time to change to our Harpoon Skills, Fighting Skills, Farming Skills etc without the use of presets.

    The Price, for players who currently have 70 Skills the increase is not a huge amount as I believe it was said in the first look thread that we will be getting double the crystals we spent. However, I am thinking new players needing nearly 300k Crystals for just their skills! We need the new instance packages available on all servers or something similar so the price is not too much.

    Now lets get onto some of the Skills. Again, I am a bit mixed in terms of the Skills.

    Firstly, why oh why do we still have some of Skills which were never used; Harpoon Range and Gold for Monsters! I have never heard of anyone saying that they wish their Harpoons could shoot further - it makes 0 difference! Monsters do not spawn in range of towers now, so you can sit right on top of a monster at all times, you dont need the range. As for Gold from Monsters, I seriously doubt that any player sits there shooting Monsters for Gold; you can earn so much more from Ships a lot quicker, and its less boring. Not to mention that any player who has the Crystals/Pearls/Crowns to invest in this skill does not need the Gold gained from Monsters. These two skills should be replaced with different Skills; so many options in the game now lets use some of them instead of keeping the most underused skills.

    New skills. The new Speed Skill I like the idea of, however, I worry about players being able to click and lock onto boats which are moving that fast. Even now, without the implementation of the new Skills, players are hard to lock on as they move so fast and the clickable area for a ship is very small - creating a lot of times where you simply can not lock on a player. Couple this with lag and you have a receipe for disaster in my opinion, not being able to lock on players is a very big complaint in this game, and the extra speed, although nice will make this even harder.

    The new Battlepoint Skill, Weapon Slots and Expansion Slots skills I like - making use of some of the new attributes in the game which will always be relevant for a lot of players.

    Cannon Range, this is lower than normal. I actually really like this move, it won't matter to much to players as range does not play a part in their damage, however it means they have to get in range of the Towers a little more when shooting Islands, meaning that towers will have a bit more effect.

    HP Repair Value, Black Gunpowder Bonus, and Hitpoints being increased, I am a fan of all of these being increased. Being able to repair quicker is always welcomed in my eyes, as is the extra damage and the hitpoints.

    One thing I am not happy about the complete removal of is 'Plates of armor bonus' which we gained from Agwe's Armor skill. Now, not only did this previously let us take less damage - which we now have Damage Prevention, but if I remember correctly, didn't this also increase the effectiveness of a players Repair Cannons? As someone who likes to use Repair Cannons, and my Maximum Repair is very high, I would like to be able to repair players for more HP per shot not less.

    The removal of some skills to Master Skills. One in particular I am happy about - Rocket damage. This game has currently became whoever has the more Level 2 Dragonfires wins (in most cases). By removing this from being a normal Skill but leaving the Rocket Damage Prevention, in the majority of cases players will be doing significantly less damage with their Dragonfires - I like!

    ELP being moved to a Master Skill - I personally don't have any problem or excitement from this being moved to as Master Skill, I never used ELP and won't be using this Master Skill.

    PvP and PvE Damage being moved to Master Skill - this will affect a lot of players, normal damage should not decrease too much when they have the other skills too, but moving PvE to a Master Skill is a bad move, its going to and probably already has, upset quite a few players who were already unhappy due to the change of the Cabin Boys. Personally, I do not mind the change, but it makes going for Most Damage on Events harder, and a lot more time needed in Group Maps/Mini Games to get a good rank as you will need to sink ~30 NPCs or ~20 players inbetween each attempt.

    The three Defensive Master Skills are interesting. The descriptions for these could be improved though. I notice the Tough Nut description mentions Whirlpool - just what is this Whirlpool? Also, does this apply to all negative effects, such as Infactuated, Frozen, etc? The On Reflection Master Skill sounds interesting, I am unsure if this just heals the player for 80% of damage received or if 80% of the damage received damages the attacker too?

    The two bonus map Master Skills - decent idea, one huge problem. Duration. Players spend a long time killing 150 monsters, for just over 1 minute in the bonus map? That is terrible. The Duration needs to be raised to 10 minutes at least for a level 7 Master Skill. In the harpoon one currently, even with everything maxed out in Harpoons, I can only kill a couple of monsters before I run out of time. The chest one, just is not enough time to make it worth my while in that map, I would be able to collect more from just sailing around normally when you take into account the time used to kill the monsters. Duration needs increasing.

    So yeah, overall, mixed feelings.

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  20. Eternal-Servant

    Eternal-Servant Forum-Apprentice

    to be honest i dont like that new skills, game will be boring, and im gonna leave :(
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