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Suggestion Turtle Crusher

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by †★BoSS★†™[υиı], Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    Turtle Crusher:
    • Refined Ruby: +20% cannon damage
    • Multifaceted Coral: +19% Critical damage
    • Refined Lapislazuli: +100.000 HP
    • Twinkling Aquamarine: +17% Damage prevention
    • Sunstone: +3% Damage vs NPCs
    • I wanted to mention that the price of this design its too high and outdated just by comparing it with the design of actual event
      Shadow Lantern
      · Unblemished Ruby + 22% cannon damage
      · Precious Garnet + 21% harpoon damage
      · Precious Lapislazuli + 105.000 Hit points
      · Precious Aquamarine + 21% Damage prevention

    • I would imediatelly say no to this .I think they price should be reduced or the gems should be upgrade otherwise it doesnt worth ... (My Opinion)
  2. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    We welcome your feedback, however, as there is no General Question in this post I have moved it from the General Question area to the General Feedback area.

  3. †★BoSS★†™[υиı]

    †★BoSS★†™[υиı] Forum Inhabitant

    Sory for the wrong opening of the thread ... since its a feedback and i dont think there is nothing else to add and its only in the hands of the game developers to change or not something you may close the thread

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Junior Expert

    Dream on.
  5. BlueStreak

    BlueStreak Regular

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