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Wait.. what? Again?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wil32, Sep 16, 2019.

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  1. wil32

    wil32 Forum-Apprentice

    I just want to understand this... All people who get like +2000 coins of effort (Without effort ;) ) and completed all steps in the season progression and get a lot of cannons and other items, now they have coins in minus? Where is the punishment on this? They already have all rewards, so... 0 or less coins of effort is meh. >_<

    Now, other people who was affected the first week of the season and lost a bit of coins and the possibility to complete some progress again, they lost the option to get that coins. >:/

    Wow, I really can't believe it.

  2. ceco75bg

    ceco75bg Forum-Greenhorn

    you can only complain nothing else.the solution is not to punish the players, but to test things before thiis in beta server if remove cannons or coins all time what you think that players will still play?? next time before start something important test him no remove cannons end coins foir that players work in game
  3. ceco75bg

    ceco75bg Forum-Greenhorn

    also last time problem was for all players no only for 1 or 2 player end was from game not players make something special-look this also when make something,many players cry from this but what to say for players that use bot end for 1 week make everything from new sistem end for you this is normal or what. wil32 look what write next time
  4. wil32

    wil32 Forum-Apprentice

    Are you serious? The first error affected to players who didn't the bug.
    The new problem affected only to players who WANT be affected. xD
    The solution to the first one was delete all coins, progress, crafting materials, cannons, season rewards, etc...
    The solution to the second error was delete all coins, but the rest of items are there. Where is the logic? XD
    A lot of players with a lot of new cannons and a lot of benefits... and even so, I lost my 150 coins of effort from the first week WITH MY REAL EFFORT, and the rest of players have a lot of rewards without EFFORT. Very fair, right? >_<

    Whatever, enjoy your EFFORT rewards, ceco75bg. If you know what I mean. n.n
  5. ●ǺLIککØп-BЯ¹●

    ●ǺLIککØп-BЯ¹● Forum-Apprentice

    Emperor's Pride NPCs are broken. We can only shoot 2k to it. Can u fix it?
  6. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    I would like an answer from the dev team if possible.
  7. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Any information relating to this subject has been posted in the Announcements section, should we have any further information this will be posted in the Announcements section also.

    We will of course forward your feedback.

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