What castles should i buy.

Discussion in 'Help' started by TINY93, May 14, 2017.

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  1. TINY93

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    all of them is the answer but starting out i would go for for cannon loader to 6 first as speed in shots helps everything then topcastle gunpowder flask navel tatics and astro lab for more punch , stern post for a bit of speed and voodoo castle for defense/shield back to forecastle for a bit of hp and defence again everyone will be a bit different depends a bit on if you farm ,scroll or fight the most in your gameplay
  4. Destruction

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    Hi Tiny,

    Everybody has different opinions on which castles should be bought first as we all have different play-styles and are at different stages in account building, and therefore have different priorities.

    In my personal opinions you should work on castles in this order:

    1. Gunpowder Flasks - This castle is one of the few that increases your percentage profitability, or the amount of reward you would get from the same amount of ammunition. It is important in all aspects of shooting, whether it is players or NPCs.

    2. Cannon Loader - This castle does not increase your profit per shot but when fully levelled will drastically increase your fire rate, making it faster to defeat NPCs and players.

    3. Sternpost / Centreboard - These castles fill the same role, by increasing your speed, just Sternpost gives you slightly more than Centreboard due to a change in the Centreboard's functionality a few years ago. This is important for escaping or catching enemies, as well as making shiny hunting faster, and getting to event ships faster.

    4. Cannon Storage - This castle increases the total number of cannon slots you have on your ship by 2 per level. It seems relatively low but once you have 14 more cannons you will definitely notice the difference. Much like Cannon Loader it will help in all aspects of shooting.

    5. Carpentry Expertise - This is one of my favourite castles, and it used to reduce the total time it takes to repair your ship. For smaller players it is very useful for repairing after being sunk, but has a whole myriad of benefits allowing you to repair faster while map-changing with an opponent and get back into event ships faster after they have shot you down.

    6. Adamantine Hull - This castle increases your damage prevention stat, which means players and NPCs will hit you for less damage, always a useful bonus.

    7. Astrolabe - This castle is similar to Gunpowder Flasks but effects Hit Probability rather than Cannon Damage. For earlier in the game this castle is not so important as the majority of the NPCs you encounter will have no "Dodge Chance" stat, and many players will beat you whether you have it or not, but as you progress this castle becomes more and more relevant. For example when you are Level 26, you gain access to the Commonwealth Raid Map. This place is brilliant for making lots of pearls, but the NPCs have dodge chance so the Astrolabe Castle always helps out increasing your profit here.

    8. Rocket Rack - This castle pairs with the Rocket Master crew member who will stay on your ship until your premium runs out. The rocket master allows you to stockpile 2 rockets and fire them at the same time, and by increasing the level of the castle to Level 7, each level gives you 1 extra rocket allowing 9 rockets or dragonfires to be sent of simultaneously. This is used more for fighting than farming, but with dragonfires it can be a very effective way to ensure getting the last shot on an NPC.

    After these 9 castles, the remaining castles are rather situational, and although they are all good in their own situations, the above castles are very useful for all styles of play, and are staples to every player.

    What I would suggest however is not working 1 castle all the way to level 7 before starting the next. At that point for getting a castle from level 6 to 7, you could get another castle up to level 4 from nothing. I would suggest getting each of these to level 4, then work them all to 5, then all to 6 etc. At this point you will also have had more time to assess your needs and see which of the other castles would be of the most benefit to the way you play the game and what you encounter more.

    I hope this helps,

    Many thanks,

  5. CRORijeka20

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