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"Which cannons to use?" An in-depth look

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by HMS-dozza, Jan 19, 2019.

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  1. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    Hi guys, I recently made a calculator that you can check out here, using it I thought I would create a guide to answer the age old question: "What cannons should I use, and which are worth upgrading?" once and for all.The true answer is quite complex and is very much dependant on many factors, especially now that Painbringers are an option, a topic I will cover later.

    To simplify this a little I'm going to break down objectives into two categories, DPS and DPS (Damage Per Second) .

    The objective of Raw Damage is to output the most damage per hit, squeezing the most out of every cannonball fired. Cannons ranking high in this stat will be best for NPC/Event shooting where time isn't too important as they provide the best 'Bang for your buck'.

    The objective of DPS is to output as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. PvP would be a great use case for these cannons as they will sink things in the shortest time possible but often at the cost of more ammo.

    Elite Ammo

    For a Maxed out setup the best Raw Damage cannons are as follows:

    Doom Lv5-4 > Dev Lv4 > Doom Lv3 > Dev Lv3-2 > Doom Lv2 > Dev Lv1 > Doom Lv1 >
    Dev Lv0 > Doom lv0 > Pain Lv2* > Pain Lv1* > Voodoo Lv5-3 > Pain Lv0* > Voodoo Lv2-0 >
    Fire Lv5-0 > 60 Pounder Lv5-0

    None of these will come as a surprise to many of you as their stats somewhat speak for themselves. It is in the DPS that things become a little more interesting as unlike before, reload speed matters here as well as damage:

    For a Maxed out setup the best DPS cannons are as follows:

    Fire Lv5 > Doom Lv5 > Fire Lv4 > Dev Lv4 > Pain Lv2 > Fire Lv3 > Dev Lv3 >Doom Lv4 > Fire Lv2 > Pain Lv1 > Dev Lv2 > Fire Lv1 > Voodoo Lv5 > Doom Lv3 > Voodoo Lv4> Fire Lv0 > Dev Lv1 > Voodoo Lv3 > Pain Lv0 > Voodoo Lv2 > Dev Lv0 > Voodoo Lv1 > Doom Lv2 > Voodoo Lv1-0 > Doom Lv1-0 > 60 Pounder Lv5-0

    These assume a 90 damage cannonball (eg Burning Ice) is being used, for lower damage balls doomhammers/devs become more effective and for higher damage balls (eg Marauder Ammo) firestorms become even more powerful.


    Ah, now here's the hot topic. If you came here for a straight answer I'm sorry but you're not getting one :p What I can say for sure though is that outfitting your whole ship with them isn't the best option.

    For Raw Damage

    Painbringers work best when used with other cannons with high elite damage bonuses like Dooms and Devs, interestingly the higher level your Dooms and Devs are, the less pains you actually want to use, but you still want to use some. This is why it isn't possible to say what the 'best cannon' is as the best damage is achieved with a combination. In my testing the absolute highest damage is achieved with 373 Doomhammer Lv5 and 118 Painbringer Lv2.

    In general, the higher level your dooms/devs, the less painbringers you want to use

    For DPS

    While Painbringers are very fiddly with raw damage, their DPS is easier to work with and is definitely their strong suit. On their own they have damage strong enough to compete with levelled Dooms/Devs while only having a 7s reload, with Lv2s even going to 6.8s. This makes them worth using over any other cannon for PvP, though you will want a good few available before you use them. If you don't have enough the bonus isn't good enough to make them worth using, yet another strange trait.

    Due to how they work I highly recommend either using the calculator I provided or asking me directly if you wish to know what would be best for your setup.

    Gold Ammo

    For a Maxed out setup the best For Raw Damage cannons are as follows:

    Dev Lv5-0 > All Voodoo, Firestorm, Painbringer, Doomhammer and 60 Pound Lv5 > 60 Pound4-1> Admiral > 60 Pounder Lv0

    For a Maxed out setup the best For DPS cannons are as follows:

    Fire Lv5-0, Dev Lv4> Pain Lv2-1 > Painbringer Lv0, Voodoo Lv5-0, 60 Pound Lv5 > Admiral > Literally any other cannon > Any Doomhammer (seriously these things are utter trash for shooting hollows)

    For gold ammo I would recommend using the DPS as a guide as hollow ammunition is very cheap and killing your target fast is more valuable than conserving a little ammo.
  2. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    hello i dawlond your calculator but how to text in calculator
  3. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    Hi you have to download it to your computer and make a copy, the version online is read only for obvious reasons.

    Hope this helps
  4. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Is oke i got in my phone but i see in calculator and i ask that admiral canons have better dameg with hollow ammo so if l mix admiral canon with foreston is that better and what 8s better to mix with admiral canons to have better dameg with hollow ammo
  5. ehturan1995

    ehturan1995 Forum-Apprentice

    How do I send you a pm?
  6. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    I'm not actually sure haha

    Admirals are actually weak damage as they have no Crit damage/chance, AT BEST they are about the same as Lv4 60s, only use them if you want the bonus xp/elp
  7. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    So wich canon to use for hollow ammo
  8. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    PM's can not be sent on the forum.

  9. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    HMS-dozza what is best to use for hollow 60punder or admiral or firestone or wich and to mix for holpow
  10. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    See the 'Gold Ammo' Section of my original post

    Gold ammo is hollow ammo, when I say 'Raw Damage' I mean how high you hit in one hit. When I say DPS I mean Damage you do per Second, this takes into account reload speed.

    The only case where I would reccommend Admirals is if you either: 1) Have nothing else 2) Need the ELP/XP

    In your case use as many firestorms then fill with 60s if that's the best you have.

  11. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    To be short best dameg for hoolow ammo is firestorm to mix 60pounder lvl5 but what lvl firestorm to use
  12. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    Any level is good, obviously the higher the better but: Don't upgrade them unless you have spares
  13. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    My dameg is small i have 5900dameg hollow canon spot 244 with voodo deck so i have 234 and gem in ship 14%dameg canon so what to do now it seem to me i have too big slot of canons but my canons are not good so i need help i have just 13 forestone lvl0 and 120 60pounder lvl 5 and 4 of lvl 4 and 150 of lvl 3 for 60 pounder and some voodo canons and what is best way to buy canons and gems fot ship to have dameg 12000
  14. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    A lot of questions here for sure but here goes:

    With 244 cannons and what you have you should go for 13 Firestorm and fill the rest with Voodoo/60 lv5.

    Cannons generally have very little impact on Hollow damage so the best you can do is focus on reload speed and damage castles + gems.
  15. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Aha so for gems is better to have critical hit gem or canon dameg gem and what is best schedule canon for hollow dameg reload is 3.65
  16. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    quoted from dozza:

    With 244 cannons and what you have you should go for 13 Firestorm and fill the rest with Voodoo/60 lv5.

    That should be your answer according to the damage calculator

  17. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    Ok guys am gone do that so for me closed
  18. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    is relly low damege l have 64584 perls and what to do with them to buy 4 slot canon or to go cauldron to buy mojo with that or somting els
  19. Second_Boss

    Second_Boss Forum-Apprentice

    personally i would say buy more slots only if you can put come good cannons at least voodoos otherwise it doesnt make diference and at market now you can get 50 voodoos for 100 cursed and 100 radiant souls... if you put your pearls on mojos maybe you will be able to open 2-3 virgos 1 capricornus by having already parts of this maps otherwise you cant even if you finish this maps the reward will be the same ammount of pearls that you spent to get them to dont mention the time that you spent finish them... instead stay on 13-15 maps shooting drakir hell its better and after every possible upgrade that you can do to your account try to max damage so you can make more profit while spending the same ammount of ammo
  20. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Advanced

    Firestorms will do the same damage as any other cannon for hollows but they fire faster, that is what makes them good.
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