Why Move Up in League?

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by HMS-Valiant, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. HMS-Valiant

    HMS-Valiant Forum-Apprentice

    If I am placing in the upper 300s and high 200s on all servers which evidently really is what counts in standings and not in just Global 6 why should I move up from Jellyfish to SeaHorse? It looks like to me the rewards are the same.
  2. ×|๖ۣۜDeaGle|×

    ×|๖ۣۜDeaGle|× Forum-Apprentice

    cause you get 1% more damage and 5 k more hp and vp for every next league if I remember right.
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  3. Mac

    Mac Forum Mogul

    the cannons you can purchase with coins may also be different. Top league gives the option to purchase firestorms or voodoos. Not sure about the options for the lower leagues
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  4. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Padavan

    Cuz anybody can sandbag and get a league buff from a lower level league.

    I moved up for a number of reasons.
    1) rewards were better.
    2) Being a bigger ship, I watched ships bigger than me get even bigger faster and since
    I was tangling with them on an almost daily basis anyway,so why not compete against them on the league level.
    3) Biggest elite design available below Manta League is Elite 27
    4) Manta league has a skin of its own.... its one of them smooth movement types ( I dont care for them, after 6 yrs of
    watchin my boat go wiggle wiggle,boats are supposed to wiggle.)

    Manta has Manta design Voodoo and Firestorm cans,better rep amulets and buffs,and ammo (soul eaters,voodoo doom and burning ice)

    Barracuda 1- 27 Elite designs available or 21-27 Elite if you already have 1-20 Elite Voodoo cans and 60's ( Been awhile,dont remember
    what cans are offered or ammo and buffs.)

    Sea Horse 1-20 Elite designs available or 11- 20 Elite if you already have 1-10 Elite. Admirals and 60's ( Not sure on cans and ammo ,never played Sea Horse league)

    Jelly Fish 1-10 Elite designs Pretty sure only cans offered are Admirals. Never played Jellyfish League.

    Personally if your ranking that high on the Global League system I would chuck Jellyfish,move up, and dont look back.

    And....Theres also lots of gems to work up from picking up all the elite skins for just a few gold.
    Granted they might not be the most desirable gems offered,
    since they are gold based gems.
    It could be the cheapest way to get your hands on 27+ gems from the game.
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  5. HMS-Valiant

    HMS-Valiant Forum-Apprentice

    I'll definitely move up after the end of this cycle and collect my rewards though small. Thank you everyone! :)
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  6. ×|๖ۣۜDeaGle|×

    ×|๖ۣۜDeaGle|× Forum-Apprentice

    so Seahorse doesn't have voodoo cannons?
  7. -Dragonsabre-

    -Dragonsabre- Forum-Apprentice

    only 60 pounder. voodoo is baracuda league.
  8. Beorn

    Beorn Regular

    Hello there, HMS-Valiant

    Being in League gives you some permanent buffs


    And some temporary buffs, which you can gain by reaching top 100 on ALL servers.


    Higher the League, better the items you can purchase from League Hall. From the highest (Manta) League you may purchase Emperor's Booty Bag, Beastmaster's Booty Bag, Firestorm and Voodoo cannons, aswell as different activation items and buffs.

    Remember to use your Competitor Coins before jumping up/down League.

    I hope this might answer some of your questions.

  9. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

    true all this. but booty bags are old.. not upgraded like the one you buy lvl 16-20
  10. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Padavan

    "which you can gain by reaching top 100 on ALL servers."

    While possible to reach.... for some. For most its an unrealistic and unobtainable goal.

    Best to just do your scrolls as best as ya can... or as long as your boredom level can tolerate
    and take a lil pride in your results knowing you were in a position to rise above some of your
    fellow pirates rankings.

    Bourbon helps... Alot.
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  11. Beorn

    Beorn Regular

    HMS-Valiant, has your query been answered?

    If not, and you believe that I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to post a question.
  12. HMS-Valiant

    HMS-Valiant Forum-Apprentice

    My questions have been answered. Would you please close this thread? Thank you!
  13. Beorn

    Beorn Regular

    As requested.

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