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Ye Gods, War!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. Kosova***

    Kosova*** Padavan

    First piece if i buy with candy canes costs 500 second 1000 and third 1500?
  2. krios1993

    krios1993 Someday Author

    1st is 500
    2nd is 1000(this i am sure of).
    3rd idk
  3. KIBIRA$

    KIBIRA$ Forum-Apprentice

    yes bro you are right
  4. Xennonn

    Xennonn Forum-Apprentice

    thank you for this event.
    im a small ship so this helped me alot cuz of the pearl rewards

    its actually enjoyable for me because i feel like im making progress
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  5. krios1993

    krios1993 Someday Author

    Feel the same way too here so do all of my guild mates :)
  6. Xennonn

    Xennonn Forum-Apprentice

    i feel not many people will give praise on this forum so maybe it would be nice for the staff to read, and maybe host more events like this too
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Praise is always welcome. Letting the developers know when you enjoy an event really lets them know what to plan. Thank again.

  8. CSS_Shenandoah

    CSS_Shenandoah Forum-Apprentice

    Its a decent event. As much as I tried to get 1,000 gingers for a pet I'm still 162 short. The one for 500 doesn't offer a lot of improvement. Now I'm out of snowballs, pearls, and everything else of value so I'll have to spend the rest of the event in safehaven. I think the floes could have been improved to provide pearls or at least something more than winter lights and candles. Ammo was scarce and the event chests were no better. It was nice getting a lot of elite points; never been up to 2 mil before. The quests were ok but after getting to where I needed to level up to continue I can't go any further - boarding karkinos isn't going to happen anytime soon for me. The quest for obtaining the gift is a pipe dream. Whenever it appeared on 13 it was an automatic sink on sight for me.
  9. fangster

    fangster Forum-Apprentice

    I would suggest that you spend some more time shooting the ice floes. They do give 1k snowballs frequently as well as alot of other items that are useful for smaller boats.
  10. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Padavan

    i got voodoo guns also and lots of agwe amulets
  11. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    I have to agree with piranhahunter and fangster. Shooting ice floes can be very profitable. I have gotten several voodoo cannons, a ton of ice ammo, and agwe amulets. Not bad return on time invested.

  12. krios1993

    krios1993 Someday Author

    Hey buddy i dont get where you might face problem getting gingerbread.
    I am a F2P player and so far have got like 5200 gingerbread.
    I got them from daily quest (i think you could get about 210 when they had daily quest of 5 tusk/5warden + 1.5 m dmg on leo/stag).
    Also you get some from NIDHUG mini game(when they were up).
    I shoot like 205k on event (357 slots) with guardian on.

    One of my guild mate who has low castles 6/8 and not so good cannon made 1k GB like 5-6 days back(he bought bifrost)
  13. CSS_Shenandoah

    CSS_Shenandoah Forum-Apprentice

    Obviously, everyones experiences are very different. I don't understand how the other posters have had such great luck. As I said previously, I'm out of anything of value including harps unless I want to go along at 58hp per shot. The floes didn't pay out. The chests were the same. Considering what I received from floes, I hardly believe you received one voodoo so just stop. And the Nidhug mini game is a fleece. Only once did not everyone log out or get killed immediately.
  14. krios1993

    krios1993 Someday Author

    You might wanna play it correctly i played it like 80+ times (maybe more) only like 5-6 times ONE of our player was killed (due to his own mistake) i made a thread in pirate tutorial about it.

    I can make one for current one too.

    I dont see anyone who may face problem in doing daily quest(provided u r level 19 at least)
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  15. ntc1010

    ntc1010 Forum-Apprentice

    Nidhug mini game is easy if you got decent boats.Also,while it's pretty rare,you do get voodoo cannons from floes.But they are worth it,as Tex said,you get some nice amounts of agwe amulets and snow ammo.
  16. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Great Master

    Does anyone know if the two quests (one per faction) that include the 10 voodoo cannons are repeatable? I suspect that they are not, but thought I'd ask if anyone was able to do them again. These are the quests that are after the two daily quest chains (one per faction).
  17. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Padavan

    no only 1 time can u do them
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  18. Daboyzz!

    Daboyzz! Forum-Apprentice

    Really good event guys but a few issues.
    The biggest issue is with the puzzle piece rewards for the minigames. There is little to no chance for a smaller boat to obtain any of the puzzle pieces as they cannot achieve top 100 in any of the minigame rankings. Maybe it would be better if like past events pieces were rewarded for completing the mini-game randomly or say after 10 or 20 successful attempts?
    Second could we have the ability to exchange gingerbread for candy canes more than one time in blackmarket so those who cannot get the puzzle pieces have a chance to exchange for them.

    Happy Holidays
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  19. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Junior Expert

    2018-12-12 16:20:43
    You received 1 x Nidhugsheim and Bloodfin Puzzle Piece.
    2018-12-12 16:20:43
    You received 49 x Candy Canes.
    2018-12-12 16:20:43
    You received 45293 x Pearls from the bloodfin mini map.
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  20. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Great Master

    So far, I'm not impressed with the current phase of the event, “Midgard Wyrm”. I just shot the Cataclysmic Corsair solo and got ~17k pearls and 102 crowns reward. Sounds good until I did the calculation on what it cost to shoot it; 50 shots at 365 Shellshocks each * (500/1000*2400/1000) = 21.9k pearls. A net loss of ~5k pearls to gain 102 crowns.

    I haven't tried the other ships in this phase yet, but if they are similar, then what's the point?

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