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Yulong coins Commonwealth Raid

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nero.Nero, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. Nero.Nero

    Nero.Nero Forum-Apprentice


    Today i found out that some players get yulong coins and/or gold from the Gildblades in the commonwealth raid map. To get this extra in-game currency you apparantly need to collect fame from a certain group.

    My questions are as follows,

    How do i get this fame, what fame do i need, how much do i need and do different kind of groups give different kind of rewards?

    Kind regards,
    Nero.Nero. (ms2)
  2. peaceandlove

    peaceandlove Forum-Greenhorn

    Yes, I think if you have a lot of "Storms lord" reputation/fame you can get extra rewards from lion and behemoth.
  3. Nero.Nero

    Nero.Nero Forum-Apprentice

    Yes but what is a lot?, isn't there a FAQ about this yet?

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    There are 4 different Fenghuang Factions (Fire, Water, Soil, Air)
    If you have at least 10000 honor points then this increases the chance for each faction that fulfills this requirement to get Yulong. So 10000 honors points fulfill requirement to earn Yulong coins.

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  5. TãñK™

    TãñK™ Advanced

    where do you look to see this
  6. Infinity.

    Infinity. Forum-Greenhorn

    It has been explained on the Seafight Discord by one of the developpers. It basically comes down to this:

    Earn 10.000 reputation points on one of those 4 factions that Tex mentiond. Once you have atleast one on 10.000, there is a chance to get yulong coins once on each gildblade that you shoot in the Commonwealth raid map. If you have 2 factions on 10.000, you have a chance to get once yulong coins, or twice yulong coins (for both factions it roles the dice as it wear as a chance on yulong coins or gold).

    Best thing to do is shoot your points up to 10.000 and look for youreself.

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    SΛТΛЛS-ϾUЯSΞ™ Forum-Apprentice

    how many coins do u get at a time?
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  8. Infinity.

    Infinity. Forum-Greenhorn

    Between 4 -7 yulong coins per faction on 10.000 reputation points. This means that with 4 factions on 10.000 reputation, you have a chance to get 28 yulong coins as absolute maximum from one gildblade. Besides yulong coins, there is a 50% chance to get gold.

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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you for the assistance Infinity.. SΛТΛЛS-ϾUЯSΞ™ In the future, if you have a question please start your own thread so that we can answer it for you then close the tread. One post with multiple questions from multiple players can get confusing and things can get lost. Thank you.

  10. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    would be good to have that info added to the Bible (as that it does not get lost) :)
  11. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    we are working every day to update the bible for you. Could use more help if you would like you can apply to be a forum mod and lend me a hand. You may apply here:

    Join The Seafight Team

    Looking forward to seeing your application Pagan

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  12. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    Thanks for the offer, but I'm really bad with power.
    I will definitely abuse it and swing by banhammer left and right for seemingly mild offenses or ppl whom I just.. dont like.
    or ppl who dont use any punctuation.
    So, thanks but no thanks - I believe I'd only make your lives harder. Merrier, yes, but not overall better :)
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  13. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    SO I take it that's a no? Well your loss. I am a great boss to work for.

  14. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    and my heart aches heavily about this decision, mind you, like Cptn. Hood when he decided to steal cattle.
  15. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    At least your decision doesn't come with the smell Captn. Hood was forced to endure from seasick cattle.

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