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Boys vs Girls :-)

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Valeska, May 17, 2016.

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  1. Valeska

    Valeska Living Forum Legend

    Good afternoon everyone :)

    I propose a little fun in the forum, so ...

    After I have seen this game in the forum of another game, I decided to bring it to this forum, once I thought it is very interesting.
    This game is very simple:

    • we start in the number 200
    • the boys' goal is to reach the number 400
    • the girls' goal is to reach the number 0

    And it goes on until the boys or the girls win.
    When the boys or the girls win, the game starts again in the number 200, following the same rules that I have explained above.
    I hope that everybody had understand. If you have questions, ask them, so that I can try to answer to them.

    So, let's start. ;)

  2. gigiz

    gigiz Someday Author

    How do you get points ?
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  3. ralf_s76

    ralf_s76 Count Count

    it goes like this:
    201 (i am a boy)

    boys count upwards.
    girls count down.

  4. Domme67

    Domme67 Forum-Apprentice

  5. FrostedBallZ

    FrostedBallZ Forum-Greenhorn

  6. ladymerlin

    ladymerlin Forum-Greenhorn

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
  7. sefsale

    sefsale Forum-Greenhorn

  8. -XdarkX-

    -XdarkX- Forum-Greenhorn

  9. Peteto1

    Peteto1 Forum-Apprentice

  10. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    199 :p

    I moved the thread to the official forum games. Think, it fits better there :oops:.
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  11. Peteto1

    Peteto1 Forum-Apprentice

    Hey NightHawk! :)
    I just don't get it.. I am sorry... You are a girl or a boy? Because if I understand right, if you are a girl you should move one down :p
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  12. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    That's right. But I am a boy, so I count up! :p

    200 ;)
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  13. sefsale

    sefsale Forum-Greenhorn

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  14. Diamondbacks

    Diamondbacks Forum-Apprentice

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  15. Bubbles8519

    Bubbles8519 Forum-Greenhorn

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  16. cupid151

    cupid151 Junior Expert

    Don't quite understand this quest for lackof a better word. Though once I get a grasp of this it may have to be on hold for a while due to my Corneal transplant surgery less than a week ago
  17. hidhe

    hidhe Forum-Apprentice

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  18. -arkadek-

    -arkadek- Forum Master

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  19. Diamondbacks

    Diamondbacks Forum-Apprentice

    Wait 206 because somone reapeted a number!
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  20. Diamondbacks

    Diamondbacks Forum-Apprentice

    Boys at 211!

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