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Bug with Modern Terminal 3 helipad

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Tremorton, May 10, 2019.

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  1. Tremorton

    Tremorton Forum-Greenhorn

    [​IMG]It apperars that helis show for me "under" Modern Terminal 3 "layer"
    I already cleared chrome with CCleaner and deleted history and caches, it still appears, it's really annoying.
    Terminal sometimes works as it should, but it's very uncommon now :/
  2. SkyHarrier

    SkyHarrier Moderator Team Skyrama

    Hello Tremorton,

    sorry for late response.

    Regarding your problem: it appears, that terminals sometimes causing trouble, when placed somewhere in the middle of the airport. Especially when other functional fields are placed behind.

    Try to move your terminal to the side edge, so that no other building or functional field is placed behind the terminal.

    Give it a try :) ...and let us know, if it was successful.

    Best regards
  3. Tremorton

    Tremorton Forum-Greenhorn

    Thank you, it seems it fixed the bug
    Thank you very much kind sir <3
  4. SkyHarrier

    SkyHarrier Moderator Team Skyrama

    Glad to help :)

    Tremorton likes this.
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