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Cerco amici

Discussion in 'Sezione Italiana' started by alby1073, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. alby1073

    alby1073 Forum-Greenhorn

    Ciao, cerco amici per inviare aerei :)
    Fatevi sentire, ciao ;)
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  2. _caramon_

    _caramon_ Forum Great Master

    ti ho aggiunto, ciao
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  3. marida

    marida Forum-Greenhorn

    ti ho aggiunto, ciao ciao.
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  4. olandiano

    olandiano Forum Overlooker

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  5. piccolaNaomi

    piccolaNaomi Forum-Greenhorn

    ciao, cerco amici
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  6. karolinada

    karolinada Forum-Greenhorn

    send me planes?

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