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Bug Internation Express Packages

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Moons_Star, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. Moons_Star

    Moons_Star Forum-Greenhorn


    I purchased 2 of the International Express Packages for $9.99 Each ( Total Cost $19.98 USD )
    I ran into a Huge issue with it. Its Malfunctioning like crazy.

    I was supposed to receive:

    • 400 Event currency (Trophies)
    • 1000 Superfuel
    • 48 hour Quick Service (not counting the 4 hours 45 minutes from prior purchase )
    • 20 XXL Part Sets
    • 20,000 Passengers
    • 100 AirCash ( Not counting the 50% bonus from Happy Hour, Plus %10 bonus for use of prior registered credit card.
    • 4 Small hangar slots
    • 4 Medium hangar slots
    • 4 Ramacopter hangar slots
    • 4 SeaRama hangar slots
    Instead: The Game has gone Insane and is now Jumping the numbers around like mad.

    It now says that i have:

    0 Additional Small Hanger Space
    0 Additional Medium Hanger Space
    0 Additional Helicopter Hanger Space
    0 Additional Sea Plane Hanger Space
    5929 Super Fuel
    ((( The AIR CASH is CORRECT, Its the only thing on here that is !!! )))
    2105 Event Tickets ((( 5 of which are Correct i have collected them myself landing and sending planes )))
    240,815 Passengers (((((I am not sure about the passengers ((( It was TRIPLE Passenger Day when I purchased them, Plus i had turned in all my Collections earlier ))))))
    ((( No Idea about the plane part packages, I didnt know how many i had to start with, And the numbers keep jumping up and down, so no clue)

    Quick Service has been jumping in numbers from 99 99 99 to 00 01 03 repeatedly every 5 minutes. So i have no idea what is going on with it.

    I Never Received my hanger spaces: Instead: the numbers keep bouncing up and down.
    I should Have after the purchase of the International Express Packages X2

    54 Small Hanger Spaces
    54 Medium Hanger Spaces
    24 Helicopter hanger Spaces
    20 Sea Plane Hanger Spaces
    1046 Super Fuel
    405 Event Tickets
    (((( Passengers ???? ))))
    (((( Air Cash is CORRECT ))))
    (((( Plane Parts ???? ))))
    Quick Service 47 Hours 36 Minutes remaining ((( At time of this Post )))

    I tried to send a Game Issue Report to Tech Support.
    I got an Error message: Due to Error we can not submit your request at this time, Please try again Later.
    So I sent a Support request to Bigpoint. I sent Screen Shots of what was happening, Explained it in detail as i am here.
    And Instead of help... I got a message from them after waiting for 12 HOURS saying:

    We are sorry we can not help you with your Issue, You have not supplied enough information. Please contact Support on the Forum and tell them we have referred you to them.?!?!?!

    I wanted to attach some Screen shots on here but cant seem to find a way to do it.

    PLEASE HELP ME !!! I am going insane from this.
  2. Moons_Star

    Moons_Star Forum-Greenhorn

    PS. I have Cleared Cache, Cookies, Browser history, Updated Adobe Flash Player, and Restarted my entire computer.
    IT Did NOT Fix It.
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  3. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello Moons_Star,

    your ticket has now reached the support. Please remain patient, you will get an answer from them as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,
  4. Moons_Star

    Moons_Star Forum-Greenhorn

    I Made a Boo Boo ( Mistake ) on the Totals I should have.
    for EVENT TICKETS: I should have 800 Added NOT 400.

    As of this morning the numbers have bounced even Higher. And I still dont have hanger spaces added. No changes have been made to account.
    On the Event Tickets Anything under 99 is the tickets I personally have collect from sending and receiving planes.

    This is Still Insane watching the numbers bounce around LOL

    PS Thank You Night Hawk. :) for helping :)
  5. Moons_Star

    Moons_Star Forum-Greenhorn

    Update: Currently still waiting for game to be fixed.
    Still have not received my hanger spaces ( 4 each= Small, Medium, Helicopter, Seaplane )
    I am collecting items from the event by only using 30 at a time ( these are to purchase the -8 service time buses )
    Quick Serve still is jumping up and down. As well as, Super Fuel numbers still increasing crazily.
    I do have 1048 superfuel that does belong on there. I have not used it as of yet. so other 15,000 is not mine.

    I do hope that the Devs get it fixed soon. Its still driving me crazy trying to figure out what is what.

    Anyway, thanks again. :)
  6. Moons_Star

    Moons_Star Forum-Greenhorn

    Ello again. Well it looks like my game is finally fixed.
    I received a message from Tech Support this afternoon and they have credited me my hanger spaces.
    And it looks like the numbers for Superfuel, Quick service, Event Tickets, Etc. are all now staying the same.
    I have cleared cache, history, etc. and All the numbers and items are staying the same with no changes.
    So Looks like my game is Finally Fixed Yeaaaaa !!!

    Anyway Thank you again Night Hawk for all your help getting through to Tech. and for all that you do for us players.
    Thank YOUUUU !! :D :D :D
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  7. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama


    I am glad to hear that your game works again :).

    Kind regards,
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