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Not getting planes from buddies

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Sathen07, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. Sathen07

    Sathen07 Forum-Apprentice

    I've been playing non stop for about 2 days, i have friends on my buddy list, i'm sending out tons of planes, it seems like no one is ever online. Am i doing something wrong? Will planes from buddies show up under the 'Buddy Incoming Flights' section? I am setting my status online every 30 min.
  2. tom*caro

    tom*caro Someday Author

    je confirme où sont passé les joueurs en vert ? avions envoyés reviennent non faits.
    ce jeu est décidement en plein naufrage..............
  3. kleck

    kleck Forum-Greenhorn

    No you are doing nothing wrong but sometimes either they are busy doing something else, then try too send planes too someone else and see who respond or they can be just recieving planes and dont want too send someone back, if that is a posibility experience that often.
    erase them from the list and does as describe above. Send planes too somebody else and see who respond and last look for the greenligt.
    And yes you'll see who's sending planes too you. :D
  4. tom*caro

    tom*caro Someday Author

    absolument pas d'accord..........
  5. Sathen07

    Sathen07 Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks for the reply Kleck, i'll keep trying. Still no luck today.
  6. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello Sathen07,

    please apologize for the late reply. You're right, incoming planes which have been sent to you from your buddies will show in the "Buddy Incoming Flights" section.
    But sometimes there are only a few buddies online or they don't send any planes to you because the don't know how long you will stay online. You could try to use the Flyby system to ask for some planes but I would hardly recommend to don't use the "Send me planes" flyby, many players do not like it.

    Kind regards,
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