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Rembri's airport

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Rembri, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

    Hello all,

    I am player Rembri from The Netherlands.

    I would like to add new neighbours and swap planes.

    Playing level 45 now

    27 Small planes:
    5 Rama X-plore (3x fully upgraded)
    10 Rama-XS-Cargo
    1 Rama-Global-Cargo
    1 1930 Racer-Bulldog (fully upgraded)
    3 Ramaliner-Eclipse (1x fully upgraded)
    1 Jetliner AX 18
    1 Alberts Ross
    1 Monacrch BT-FLY
    1 ICE Nipper
    2 ICE Frost Nipper
    1 Rama-S-Quatro (fully upgraded)

    54 Medium planes:
    20 Rama-M-Cargo
    1 Rama-M-Turbo
    5 Rama-M-Superturbo
    1 Rainbow (would like to demolish, but.....)
    1 Million Air-X (fully upgraded)
    1 Ontonav
    1 Bloating 777
    1 Santa Paulie
    1 ICE Sprinter
    1 ICE Frost Sprinter
    8 Cupid's Cannon
    11 Cupid's Cannon+
    2 Ramaliner-M

    13 Helicopters
    1 Ramacopter Seeking fully upgraded
    Some other small stuff

    10 Waterplanes
    4 Searama Klipper
    1 Cupid's wings
    1 Rama-M-Quatro
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  2. Rarach5

    Rarach5 Forum-Greenhorn

    its amazing
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  3. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B Advanced

    Love it, I'm Level 27 (soon 28)
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  4. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

    Changed it a bit...
    Halloween taking over! :):)

    And of course there are Dutch windmills all around ;)
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  5. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B Advanced

    Yep, I saw it & I said "it's the most economical airport out of all my buddies!"
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  6. Diamondbacks57

    Diamondbacks57 Forum-Apprentice

    Can u put ur ID? Cause there were 2 of them. All thought i did send u a buddy request.. i think anyway! lol
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  7. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

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  8. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

    Changed it again :)
    Everybody still welcome of course :D

  9. phboos

    phboos Someday Author

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  10. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B Advanced

    Rembri, you're one of my best buddies due to sending me planes ;)
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  11. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

    Please add me
    I use Quickservice, so your planes will get back fast :)

    Level 57 now...
    2x H2Ocules
    5x Airow fully upgraded
    1x MCH4-Tigre (3 stars)
    2x Mega Cupid Plus
    2x Raisin Bomber (3 stars)
    fully upgraded 4x Ramaliner-Eclipse
    fully upgraded 2x Camo-Copter

  12. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B Advanced

    I'm Level 43. Changed so much since last year.
    Also Rembri, why aren't you're online.
    I only see players online by the green icon.
  13. Rembri

    Rembri Forum-Apprentice

    I sleep sometimes. And have a day job. And other hobbies :)
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