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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Robobob, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Robobob

    Robobob Forum-Apprentice

    Hi All Skyrama Players,

    I'm Robobob, 21, from the Netherlands.
    In skyrama I'm level 77 nearly 78 :p
    And this is the fleet I have:

    6x Rama Falcon **
    1x 1930 Hughes
    1x Romant'o'Rama
    10x Ramaliner XS Turbo****
    40x Ramaliner-Eclipse****
    20x Rama XS-Superturbo****
    5x Rama XS-Turbo****
    10x Rama-S-Quattro****
    5x Skyathlon**
    20x 1930 Mr Mulligan****
    20x Jetstream HP1***
    10x Green Yonder***
    20x Skyletto***
    60x Rufus MKII****
    15x 1930 Bulldog****
    15x Rama-Xplore****
    10x 1930 Geebee****
    10x Jetliner AX18 ***
    10x Y-Snakes ***
    1x Speedycargo
    1x Globalcargo
    1x Outback
    28x XS-Cargo


    5x Ramaliner-M**
    5x Rama M-Turbo**
    5x Marvelwing ****
    55x Rama Xperience ****
    1x Peace Plane
    10x Rama-M-Superturbo****
    25x Rama-M-Skelemoto**
    25x Scrapper**
    50x Airow****
    75x Airow**
    50x Lancelot****
    2x Skyakutake****
    6x Caribean Cruiser****
    2x Rama-M-Superxplore****
    2x Silver Streak
    5x Wild Blue Yonder**
    6x Big Bang**
    7x Solbatross**
    10x Tripple Furie****
    10x MilionAirX****
    80x 858****
    20x 858***
    130x Sky-Shuttle****
    20x Sky-Shuttle***
    20x Escargo T**
    20x Rama-M-Cargo*
    20x Rama-M-Cargo
    10x Rama-M-Supercargo**
    10x Ontonav****
    25x Air Samaritian*
    15x Millipede*

    5x Airtrain 38
    5x Ogoriv
    5x Corncod 1 ****
    10x Hurri-Ken

    1x Ramaliner-Special
    1x Ramacopter-Quikie
    4x Rama-Ambulance ****
    6x Rama-Ambulance **
    2x Ramacopter-Steady**
    5x Rama -MX-Copter****
    10x Rama -MX-Copter
    5x AW -ZeroII ****
    10x AW -ZeroII **
    5x Ultra-Air ****
    10x Camocopter ****
    15x Ramacopter Seaking**
    4x Messair Schmidt *
    10x Hizpeed VA
    10x Eazy 135
    20x Mega-01
    20x Airspray 22

    3x Solo
    5x Snow-Rama**
    5x Ramaliner-Xplore****
    20x Sky HOH****
    10x Sky HOH**
    4x Rama-Firefighter
    2x Rama-Clipper
    5x Rama-M-Quattro**
    40x Rama-M-Quattro
    5x Searama-Aqua**
    25x Orc Air****
    15x Dundee*
    10x Amphibee OB200*
    85x Cstar****
    15x Cstar**

    Total: 1396 Planes
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  2. olexa

    olexa Exceptional Talent

    I added
  3. josejoaojj

    josejoaojj Forum-Greenhorn

    I added you to
  4. Isaiah_G

    Isaiah_G Forum Inhabitant

    Added :)
  5. jes-jes123

    jes-jes123 Forum-Apprentice

    K heb je al in mijn vriendenlijst zag ik :)

    lvl 70
  6. Isaiah_G

    Isaiah_G Forum Inhabitant

    Goed zo! :)
  7. Robobob

    Robobob Forum-Apprentice

    Isaiah had ik ook al dacht ik :p, all requests accepted :D
  8. firehawk69

    firehawk69 Board Veteran

  9. Dorubro

    Dorubro Forum-Greenhorn

  10. Boris04

    Boris04 Forum-Greenhorn

    Add me too guys!
    Name in Skyrama: Boris04
    User-ID: 13155740
    Btw, ben ook Nederlands :D
  11. CarlosSinMas

    CarlosSinMas Forum-Greenhorn

    Add me
    Name on Skyrama: CarlosSinMas
    User-ID: 13070515
  12. Robobob

    Robobob Forum-Apprentice

    ATM I have 1700 planes, and still counting ;)

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