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Selection of players in countries

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DestinyHannah, Jun 23, 2019.

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  1. DestinyHannah

    DestinyHannah Forum-Greenhorn

    I was wondering if anyone knows about the players that shows up when I choose a country to send a plane to. I recognize a lot of the user names when I'm about to send planes so I was wondering if they are always the same or if they change? I mean, do they show a selection of all people who's ever made an account on Skyrama or only players that have been active during a certain period of time, for instance the last month or the last week? If the latter is the case they must have changed who shows up and I have just not noticed it. I also assume all players get different user names to show up on their countries. I've been trying to find information about how this works but haven't been successful. So I hope maybe someone else knows and can tell me a bit about it :)
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  2. babička1960

    babička1960 Active Author

    Unfortunately, nobody can cope with it, only the game's administrators and helpers ... and they have to fix everything ... I also agree with you! :)
  3. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello DestinyHannah,

    sorry for the very late reply :oops:.
    In principle there should be players displayed who have been online in the last weeks/months. But I think (from my experience) that there are some players who are more frequent in this list than others. So, maybe there might be a system but I never found out how exactly it works.

    Kind regards,
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  4. DestinyHannah

    DestinyHannah Forum-Greenhorn

    I see! Thank you both for answering me :)
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  5. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B Padavan

    Most of the times, the players listed are offline.
  6. phboos

    phboos Someday Author

    Not all players make themself known on line unfortunatly.When i am playing i allways send planes to those who are marked as on line
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