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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by olandiano, May 17, 2018.

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  1. olandiano

    olandiano Forum Baron

    All day its the same mess as before, send planes and after 30 minutes when you logged in again, you have to do that 2 times in one hour or the game is not working at all,there are again in the hangar, several times.:mad::mad:..And finally you are to late fore sending the planes to your friend because its out off his/here time. Loaded three times planes from my friends, because every time you have to do that again and again.Login again and they are gone. But when my friends landing the planes from them, ther are no buddypoints getting out. And i have 3 times landed.!!!!! :mad::mad::mad:..This evening i have handled about 2000 planes from myself, i get a tecnical error !!!! Thats the only thing that works, errors. and i have to land again all my planes....:mad::mad::mad::mad:.
    A big shame skyrama, very big...
    The triple PE was a nice gift , you think...its a great mess for one year now....
    The only thing what the mods can and permitted to do is. Clear the cachés.....20 times a day we are clearing everything inside our pc. What they have to do in Germany , and China, clear the personal they are working over there, o kick out the "Big"lady, maybe then its going to work well again. Met again and again and again happy hour, but thats not working anymore. !!!! Take care off the game, working with it, make it how its had to be....or in a short time nobody is left anymore. Nobody see that in the headoffice?...
    The only thing i can say again:


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