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What to buy?

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by teamup, May 13, 2019.

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  1. teamup

    teamup Forum-Apprentice

    What are the best things you can buy in this game with aircoins and aircash?

    and is it better to buy passenger splanes or cargo planes?

    and if you, do you want fast planes or could you better save for bigger planes which took ours?

    sorry for all those questions xD
    I'm new here :)
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  2. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    Welcome to the game.. hope you will have an awesome time playing the game.. i know i've had..

    at first.. you need a lot of patience.. then know the game has bugs just like many other games.. it is a very good idea to log out from time time.. just like i do.. every hour.. so the game can fresh up.. if your game slows down we have the option to get the cache cleaned.. see forum.. game slowed down to unplayable.. second.. follow the tasks you are given every day.. this will help you in time to grow your airport.. take it nice and easy.. and you will be fine.. third but not least.. buddies will come and go in this game.. i think it is because at one point you will have to decide if you wanna throw in money to the game.. it is almost impossible to get as far as i am right now.. level 75.. but this game inspite of it all brings and give me so much fun and i do hope in time you will have and find the same.. it is not important with a lot of buddies but only a few good ones.. that is when you have reached the end of all tasks and can fly free.. at last.. see and use the forum every day.. take your time and look around.. there is a lot of good help to get here.. either from me or others or the board leaders.. finally.. all planes are more or less essential to the game.. they all bring back parts for tuning your planes which gives a better payout.. and remember.. the longer flight hour the more payout.. especially important during events.. so spend your aircoins and aircash wisely.. and as i said.. patience.. a lot of patience and time will do it for you..

    i wish you good luck and happy flying.. i hope this is somehow helpful to you.. it was all written with my best intentions..

    Kindly Regards

    jank1961 / id : 5264246 / at level 75 and climbing the xp ladder.. slowly but surely ;-)
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  3. teamup

    teamup Forum-Apprentice

    tnx for the tips and how to spend your aircash the best?

    better to save them or spending in hangars/planes?
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  4. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    .. if you absolutely will use aircash i think the best way to get most out of them is to expand your hangars.. & ofcourse.. if you see an aircraft you can buy & can't live without.. then absolutely yes.. but well.. that's just me.. what can i tell you.. just remember a few things as mentioned above.. and you will be doing just fine.. if you somehow get stuck you are always welcome to drop me a line here.. most important is always to remember.. the longer flight hours the more payout.. goes for xp, aircoins & event currency.. all for now.. best wishes.. Jan ;-)
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  5. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    .. oh by the way.. about the collections & storage.. along the way you will collect a lot from returning planes.. they go into your collections & can be converted to aircoins & passengers when you have collected enough.. further more you will be granted gifts from the game such as decorations and other stuff.. in the lack of aircoins you can sell the items.. not all.. if you do not need them any longer.. here is a link to the list over all countries & souvenirs.. i wish you a fabulous day & happy trophy hunting under the current event.. may the force be with you ;-) Jan

  6. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    .. one last thing.. never send the flyby '' send me planes ''.. it is seen as an insult among us '' old timers ''.. send a text flyby with your request & i am sure of it that your request will be received positive.. especially if you ask nice.. i am sure there is lots more you should know.. but you will have to find out a lot on your own too.. but do know that.. if you ever get stuck the help is never far away ;-)
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  7. teamup

    teamup Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks for all the tips and checking my airport. I guess I'm saving now from lvl 29 till lvl 40 so I can buy all the hangars directly.
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  8. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    hmmm.. as far as i remember.. the ramacopter & the seaport is given to you by the game completing quests.. the Large hangar i am not so sure.. it is such a long time ago.. you will have to ask others or see the faq ;-)
  9. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    btw.. you are welcome for the visit & the help.. know that you always are.. visit other airports to give you an idea.. my airport has been altered i do not know how many times.. one good thing is.. if you can't use the items in your store you can sell most of them.. not for the same amount of aircoins but better than nothing right.. you will find a small aircoin icon on the right above the items you can sell ;-)
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