Friday, March 30, 2012
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Skyrama: Headline: New Skyrama online version

Hello Airport Manager,

Our brand new Skyrama team has been getting acclimated over the past few weeks and is now prepared to present the first fruits of its labor. The first order of business on the proverbial docket was to integrate several simple, but long sought-after functions and features. Bug fixes are also high on the to-do list as we are constantly striving to improve the game. Without further ado, here is the first patch in greater detail.

Change Password Function

You can also find the new change password function in the settings section. To change your password, you must first confirm your e-mail address and then you will be able to change your password. For further details, please go to the corresponding page.

XP Bar Repositioned

We have slid the XP bar further to the right in order to create more space in the middle of the screen.

Hide the Buddy List

We have added another small function enabling you to hide the buddy list. If you click maximize on any menu item, the entire list will be visible once again.

Unlock every Country

This new feature gives you the chance to take on a small challenge. When you start playing, all the continents and countries are somewhat darker. By sending a plane to a country, it will be displayed in its normal, bright green color. Once you have visited every country on a given continent, the entire continent will also be bright green, and you will receive a little bonus. These bonuses are different for every continent and generally consist of decorative items in an extra-special design. And once you have unlocked every continent, you will receive a specially designed cargo plane.

These items are not available for purchase in the shop.

You are now cleared for takeoff!

Your Skyrama Team

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