Monday, May 14, 2012
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Skyrama: New Skyrama Development Team (Update)

Hello Airport Manager,

As we mentioned in late February, we founded a brand-new development team in Hamburg to assist Skyrama as it continues to grow. The team predominantly consists of experienced staff members, who were previously active in other projects, such as Farmerama. Today we would like to take the opportunity to share with you what we have been working on over the past few months.

Incorporating the programming code into Skyrama has proven to be more time consuming that initially projected. We began by focusing our efforts on trimming the fat from the code so to speak, as well as making changes in other areas, primarily in the database structures. Such changes were absolutely essential to ensure that we will be able to implement new features in the futures easily. Even basic functions, like changing passwords, were finally completed recently, which also explains why we were only able to go live with smaller features in the past few weeks.

We split the team in two and each team is responsible for their own updates, bug fixes and much more. This will also aid us in speeding up the development process of new game functions, which in turn benefits you.

We have also been in close contact with our forum team over the past weeks to hear from them what the most important issues are in the international community, so that we can implement your ideas into future game developments. Hopefully, you’ll understand that it is an impossibility to implement every single suggestion for various reasons. Whenever we receive your suggestions, the first thought is how much work it will require to implement them, weighed against the end benefit for all parties involved.

We will also be providing you all with insight into what we are working on in the future, albeit sporadically, in the form of a developer’s blog. This will help us reach our goal of keeping everyone abreast of all the latest.

Your Skyrama Team

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