Thursday, October 24, 2013

SPACEINVASION: Come out for the big pumpkin chase!

For the first time in the history of SpaceInvasion, we’ll be celebrating Halloween. From October 27th (12:00 CET) until November 3rd 2013 (24:00) there will be a funny hunt for Halloween pumpkins. In every universe except the Speed Uni, random planets will turn into pumpkin planets. You can send recyclers to those planets in order to collect pumpkins. Your pumpkins can then be exchanged for free transmitter turns and multiple productions.
Furthermore, there is a daily login bonus, a pumpkin searching robot and pumpkin bonuses when buying Urplasma.

Each pumpkin planet has 100 pumpkins that can be recycled. With each flight a maximum of 20 pumkins can be looted (one pumpkin per recycler).
As soon as a planet was completely harvested, a new randomly selected planet turns into a pumpkin planet which ensures a constant availability. Search for the pumpkins in the galaxies and get as much as you can!

The search robot is looking for for hidden pumpkins and can be started from the pumpkin menu. There are 3 different modes (2, 8 and 12 hours). The longer a search is, the more pumpkins can be found.

In addition you will receive pumpkins for every day/universe you log in and an additional pumpkin for every 10 Urplasma you purchase as a bonus.

In SI Classic you can get to the event by clicking the icon where the pumpkin will be treated as a 5th resource.
In SI2 you’ll find the event in the news (exclamation mark next to your user name).
There you can exchange your collected pumpkins and activate the robot.

We wish you a happy pumpkin hunt!

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