Thursday, July 11, 2013

SPACEINVASION: Server relocation on June 26th

Dear Space Pilots

We recently let you know that we will switch to another server host in order to improve the performance of our game. In the future, our servers and network services will be provided by the company PlusServer. Our servers will be located in Strasbourg where "Europe's greenest data center" is located. But when deciding about our new service, not only environmental issues were important to us but especially issues of technology, reliability, individual support, and the rapid deployment in case of hardware and network problems.

Here we not only have a 24-hrs hotline number where we can reach the administrators but also we have an escalation plan that provides the contact with the head of the support and even the Chief Technology Officer in an case of emergency.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to personally meet employees of the company PlusServer and discuss once again about the high standard of support that we expect. We are very pleased to have now apparently found a service provider that is applying these high standards to itself and who has the necessary understanding for our project because the administrators that are now responsible for our servers are largely on their own enthusiastic online gamers and know how much a real-time strategy game like SpaceInvasion depends on a high availability.

A big part of our SpaceInvasion’s traffic is caused by communication between our web, database and game servers. Therefore, a good connection between them is very important. We achieve this by the fact that our hardware is now in a private, internal network that protects our game against external influences (such as other customer servers under attacke) and which now secures our game much better than how it has hitherto been possible.

Although we previously were only indirect victims of DDoS attacks, ourselves could theoretically also become target of such attacks in future. Therefore, it was also important to us that we are optimally protected in such cases, what we also achieve with this move.

The steadily increasing number of servers has generated some redundancies over time. We have servers that have almost nothing to do, while others work just to their performance limits. During the move we will also reallocate our resources to the various services and optimize them by that. Overall, SI1.3 and SI2 will then run on eleven servers. Five web servers will be responsible for communication with the players, four database server will store the game data and two game servers are responsible for the actual calculation of the universes. While these are not more servers than before, the new servers have larger capacities and take into account the special needs of online games by their individual assembly with hardware components.

We are trying to plan the move as comprehensive as possible and to keep the downtime as short as possible. Nevertheless, it might happen that SI servers will be down for several hours since also the IP addresses assigned to our domain names will change and it matters here, when the name server used by you or your provider is updated. Typically, you can speed up the DNS update manually by re-establishing the Internet connection or by un-plugging the power cord of the DSL or wireless router for a few seconds.

Because our forums will partially not be available, we will publish the current status on our Facebook page at (this can also be read when you are not registered on Facebook).

Now most important: The server move takes place on Saturday, June 29th at 8 a.m. CET. The attack protection will be set to Sunday June 30th June, 8 p.m. CET.

We hope that you are looking forward to have more server stability and hope for your understanding for this announced downtime.

Best regards

Space Invasion team

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