Go wild in your very own zany online zoo!

Zoomumba – Build a world famous zoo in the cuddliest game online!

Open the turnstiles and embrace massive crowds clamoring to see your cuddly attractions!

Can You Create An Animal Wonderland?

Are you a big-time animal enthusiast? Is there nothing you enjoy more than taking a stroll through a zoo on a sunny spring day beholding the exotic wonders and majestic beauty of creatures from another part of the world? Then Bigpoint’s free browser game ZooMumba is just the attraction that will pique your interest and suit your fancy of furry and feathered friends. Would you like to know everything there is to know about meerkats, penguins, lions and elephants? In the cuddly, adorable zoo simulation game Zoomumba, you can! Bigpoint’s exotic animal browser game lets you choose which animals to house, when and where to expand to drive attendance up and become the greatest zoo around. It’s a zany, zoo experience that goes beyond anything a browser game has ever done. Come on down to Zoomumba and start building your dream zoo today!

The Main Attraction

A zoo is not a zoo without a slew of those big and ferocious, cute and cuddly animals! In Zoomumba your job is to decide which animals to give a home to. Will you go for pairs of colorful pink flamingos, waddling penguins or mischievous meerkats? Maybe something completely different? In the zoo simulation game Zoomumba you can decide. Add lions, and tigers and bears. Go for more of the exotic with feathered friends from distant places like macaws and kiwis, house alligators or go prehistoric with massive mammoths!

A Little TLC Goes A Long Way

Without happy animals, there won’t be any happy zoo visitors. And no happy zoo visitors means no money. Ensure the well-being of all your animals by taking care of all of their needs. Keep their bellies from growling by making sure they are fed regularly in a variety of enclosures, keep their dishes full of water and make sure that they are current on their medication and vaccinations so that zoo-goers will have something to keep coming back for. But don’t overlook one of the most unrated, and fun aspects of all – playing! Your animals love fun, give them a ball and have one yourself by keeping your furry attractions happy and in good spirits. Try upgrading their enclosures with more free space and even adding a baby or two!

The Zany Zoomumba fun – A Wandering Circus, A Movie Theater and More!

But that's not all Zoomumba has to offer: You can also go on safaris or put together amazing collections all with useful facts about animals, natural habitats, food and world environments. There are regular events with exotic animals from around the world and beyond, and quests that will get your gate receipts bulging and EP rising. Check out fun videos at the movie theater and glimpse the weird in the wandering circus. Zoomumba isn't just a fun zoo simulation, it's also educational fun!
Start today and make your Zoomumba zoo famous the world over!
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